A Homage to my kit cat – Palucci

July 9, 2006 4 Comments »

My favorite girl...

My favorite girl…

The only piece of responsibility and committment I have in my life is my cat.  I’m totally serious.  I don’t own a house, no car, no boyfriend, no ex husband, no kids, and no debt (at least not yet!).  However – I have a cat that is totally and unconditionally in love with me.  She honestly thinks that the earth revolves around me…that is, if she knew what a planet was.

I have to admit that the hardest thing about taking this around the world trip is leaving her behind.  I’m not real sure how she will react – and I will miss her terribly.  About a year ago – I became allergic to cats and dogs…a very evil twist of fate as I had Palucci since she was 4 weeks old and all of a sudden I cannot live with her unless I’m heavily medicated!   I decided that even though I was spending a ton in allergy prescriptions, and was generally miserable  being surrounded by cat hair – I had to keep her.  My allergist had suggested that I get rid of her – but I couldn’t bare to do it.

Therefore, leaving her on this trip is not a pleasant process.  Yes, she’s a typcially bitchy cat who thinks that the world revolves around her – but I like her – she meets me at the door everyday, follows me around my apartment as she must be in the same room as me at all times, and she seems to only have love for me.  Yes – I’m a bit selfish!


Don’t go!!!

My friend Linda will be keeping Palucci while I travel.  Palucci now gets to add Connecticut to her list of states that she’s lived in.  I’m hoping that Linda will keep me posted on Palucci’s adventures and settling in.  As I will be homesick to hear news about my favorite kitty cat – I just hope that she doesn’t forget who I am when I return!

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