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Annapurna Itinerary

Posted by on December 4, 2009

+1 Tweet2 Pin Share Share38 Stumble209Shares 249Tiger Balm Tales – vol. 3 Start from the beginning! Tiger Balm Tales – vol. 1, vol. 2 We saw the first glimpse of them from the plane window – the rigid, snowy Himalayan peaks. They were practically at eye level with our cruising altitude; you could reach out […]

Travel Back in Time

Posted by on December 9, 2009

+1 Tweet3 Pin Share3 Share4 Stumble4Shares 14Tiger Balm Tales Vol. 4 Travel Back in Time Itinerary:  Kathmandu to Puma Photos: View Puma Snapshots We said goodbye to the bustling city of Kathmandu and hopped in our time machine which took us back in time about 50 yrs. A time and place where electricity and plumbing […]

Paralyzed on the Annapurna Circuit

Posted by on January 21, 2010

+1 Tweet1 Pin2 Share Share3 Stumble305Shares 311 Tiger Balm Tales vol. 9 Paralyzed What started as a slight headache the night before had manifested into my complete paralysis the next morning. My head was throbbing, but worse than that, my body had felt like it had gone through a medieval bone crusher in the middle […]

No Room at the Inns – Annapurna Circuit

Posted by on January 26, 2010

+1 Tweet Pin2 Share Share8 Stumble337Shares 347Tiger Balm Tales Vol. 10 Day 9 – No Room at the Inns… By some miracle I woke up on Day 9 with a small trace of a headache, aches, and pains of the day before. Apparently 24 hours of sleep and antibiotics were just what the doctor ordered. I […]