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The Niece Project

60 Comments 28 February 2012

2012 begins a project for me that has been in the making for a long time. But first, let me back up a few years and start with this statement, “I don’t want to have kids.” For a handful of women, this statement rings true, but for most women, they probably cringed at the site [...]

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sunset church

Featured, Inside My Head, Italy

Rome for the First Time

11 Comments 29 March 2012

We turned off the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and my body swayed with the motion of the taxi; happy to finally be in Rome. After days of stressing out about meeting my niece at the airport (since we both arrived from different countries), I was finally able to relax in the back of the taxi. [...]

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Rome Market

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The Heart of Food in Rome

5 Comments 03 April 2012

Locals bustle around the market picking out fresh vegetables and carry on in conversations in Italian with the shop stall owners; the ease in the conversations lets you know that they’ve known each other a lifetime. A breeze blows through the open air market leaving the scent of fresh flowers in the air of the [...]

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Raphael Room Vatican

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Vatican 101

10 Comments 05 April 2012

I listened to man in the suit in front of me and really tried to concentrate on what he was saying. I took notes rapidly about dates, religious timelines, leaders, and wars. He authoritatively stated the names and periods as if he had given this lecture a thousands times. My mind started to wonder how [...]

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Colosseum basement

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Rome Travel Tips

16 Comments 09 April 2012

I was given few directions; Rome was pretty much up to me. I had asked Bethany months ago what she wanted to do in Rome and she replied, “Eat pasta.” “Ok, I like to eat, but what do you want to do beyond pasta? What do you want to see in Rome?” I probed further. [...]

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Amalfi coast italy

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Taking the Path Previously Traveled

8 Comments 12 April 2012

“I know you, you’ve been here before?” I was stunned that they would remember me after 4 years and countless travelers coming through their doors. I don’t really think that I stand out at all, I have no real defining features, no distinct accents, and with each year the landscape of my face changes with [...]

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naples pizza

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How to Eat Pizza Like an Italian

24 Comments 17 April 2012

The waitress brings out my pizza straight from the wood oven. The smell of the bread and the wood from the oven makes me salivate. It’s thin, crispy and on an individual little plate just waiting for me to dig in. The waitress sets down a knife and a fork and says “Buon appetite!” I [...]

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Sherry and Evie

Inside My Head, Trip Prep and Planning

The Next Niece – Destination Unknown

8 Comments 08 November 2012

Where in the world did she get a crazy idea like that? A 16 year old who has never been out of the country, no passport, and wants to go to Asia or Africa? Her exact words, “I want to go somewhere culturally shocking. So I’ve narrowed it down to Asia or Africa for sure.” [...]

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