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My Moab to Denver Rocky Mountaineer Colorado Train Trip

August 31, 2021 11 Comments »

Rocky mountaineer colorado train

I’ve driven this route many times between Moab and Denver, and I’ve seen this landscape before. But this time I’m going at a train’s pace. At this luxury train’s pace, it feels like you are soaking up the landscape like a sponge. I realize there is something different and quite beautiful about going 35 mph […]

The Original Wall Street – Bryce Canyon

November 9, 2010 8 Comments »

Imagine being 9 years old again, your parents are in Orlando and they are dutifully following all of the signs to Disneyworld. The excitement is building within you. Your nose is pressed against the window eagerly trying to get that first glimpse of the Magic Kingdom. You search for the blue, pointed castle tops to […]

Finding Lodging Near Bryce Canyon – Tropic Utah

November 4, 2010 2 Comments »

Even though we were unable to hike Zion Narrows thanks to pending rain, we were still able to drive through the scenic park and capture some stunning images. The main highway through Zion, State Road 9, is worth the potential delays due to construction or traffic. The hairpin turns lead you through and park and […]

Red Mountain Resort and Spa

October 21, 2010 No Comments »

The sun had long since gone down and our attitudes seemed to go down with it. At 9PM we hit road construction requiring us to turn around and go another hour and a half out of the way to get to our ultimate destination, St. George Utah. We had spent a long fun-filled day of […]