Things to do in France


My French Loves:

Pere LaChais Cemetery – Gorgeous landscaping, rolling hills, interesting tombstones, and the resting place of many famous people.  A truly fascinating experience.  

Normandy BeachNormandy got under my skin in a big way.  It made me think and consider the world as a whole, my travels, as well as my relationships with others.  

Beyond the Beach – Normandy offers UNESCO sights, architecture, churches, stinky cheese, and apple brandy.  There is so much goodness to explore – like the truly magnificent Le Mont Saint Michele.

A new way of viewing an iconic image – From the first moment I went to the Eiffel Tower, I seemed to be more fascinated by the culture around the tower rather than the tower itself.

Paris Hotels:

This beautiful light-filled studio apartment nestled near the Seine in the heart of Paris was utter perfection.

French Food:

 Paris Chocolate and Pastry Food Tour – From innovative and sleek to traditional and refined, this tour covering a wide array of Paris chocolate houses kept my sweet tooth happy.

Pictures of France:

Do you love fresh new perspectives on iconic images?  If so, get yourself over to my Pictures of France gallery and check out my French photos.  Oh la la!

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