You will never believe it…

December 11, 2008 3 Comments »

These dogs are amateurs!

These dogs are amateurs!

Note to self…
Always, always, always take a camera with you when you walk out the door. It is a certainly that you will wish you had it at some point in the journey outside my apartment!!

Why do I have to learn this lesson over and over again? Today was the final straw…I had this “I can’t believe that I just witnessed this” moment. One that you, my loyal blog readers deserved to see as you would have never imagined it in your wildest dreams.

I was on the back of my motorbike taxi holding on for dear life, weaving in and out of traffic, threading the needle between buses and the sidewalk, and all of a sudden I saw it.

A dog riding a motorbike.

I’m not joking. This little dog stood about 1 ½ feet high, and was perched on the back of the motorbike behind his owner. His owner drove down the street weaving in and out of traffic, and the pooch stood there on all fours, stoic, as if it were a hood ornament, looking around at the other commuters as if it was as normal as dogs playing poker.

You can carry anything on a motorbike

You can carry anything on a motorbike

Now I’ve seen a lot of crazy things carried on motorbikes, but this took the cake. When I first laid eyes on the dog standing on the seat, I let out a loud laugh. It was so loud that it startled my motorbike driver! I pointed at the dog and said, I don’t have a camera!!! He kindly navigated his way next to the dog and owner and we drove along side it for a while and I just stared in amazement.

Why, why, why did I get the cheap cell phone without a camera??

Lesson learned….my point and shoot is going everywhere with me from now on.

For my readers…sorry you had to miss the visual on this, but trust me…it was something that could only be seen as normal in Vietnam.

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