Valletta – Photography of a Historical City

March 9, 2012 9 Comments »

fountain sunset

The Fountain at the entrance to Valletta at Sunset

Yesterday I introduced you to how to spend a day in Valletta.  That day actually yielded some wonderful photography by simply slowly walking around, stopping, and looking all around me.  The light dances around and the shadows hide hidden treasures.  There’s so much to see in Valletta and it’s an adorable city to capture in photography.  Here’s my favorite shots from Valletta.

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The quaint streets of Valletta


valletta silouette

Valletta at sunset


Fort Key gate

A colorful gate at Fort Key


coffee bar

The old bar at Cafe Prego


valletta statue

Statues surprise and delight you at random corners


bench shadow

Long shadows against the walls of Fort Key



St. John’s Co Cathedral is a work of art


malta coffee

Maltese coffee is chicory flavored and found at Nenu Bakery


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