The Best Locations for Budget Travel

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A Whirling Dervish in Turkey

Even if you’ve saved up enough money to cover flights and accommodation, when it comes to travelling, there’s bound to be a whole host of surprise costs involved. With food, transportation, not to mention the funds for those spontaneous purchases – (because who doesn’t come back from Thailand without a Buddhist statue?) the threat of running out of money is likely to creep up on you.

If you’re the type to worry about money, a good travel tip would be to consider the locations where living costs are low. After all, if you’re considering doing Venice on a shoestring, you might have to think again…
With this in mind, here’s our pick of the best budget destinations, and how to make your two-star trip full of five-star fun!

Derry, Northern Ireland

With the religious conflict known as ‘The Troubles’ firmly in the past, Northern Ireland is now concentrating on tourism for the future. Derry – or Londonderry to give it its full name – is already one of the country’s gems, full of fantastic culture and brilliant sight-seeing opportunities (which luckily, can be mostly enjoyed for free). With flights pretty cheap in comparison to the Republic, it’s advisable to take a trip here while it remains a little less touristy then other locations.

Antayla, Turkey

Due to the on-going financial crisis in Turkey, hotel owners are continually being forced to lower their rates. Although a desperately unfortunate situation for locals, in terms of travel opportunities, it might mean more backpackers and budget holidaymakers might be inclined to head towards the Mediterranean shores of Antayla. With beautiful beaches, historic architecture, it would make the perfect place to sample a bit of Turkish tradition.

Tokyo, Japan

Glitzy Tokyo

One of the greatest things about Japan is that by going just a little off the beaten track, you can go from paying the high sky prices to the very lowest. Tokyo is a prime example; by steering clear of big name, luxury hotels and heading for smaller accommodation usually used by businessmen, a pristine (albeit small) room can be yours for a snip. Similarly, forget the chain restaurants and buy food from convenience stores and food markets – you’ll be guaranteed an authentic Japanese experience without needing massive amounts of spending money.

Guanajuato, Mexico

With most people being drawn to Mexico City or the coast, the ancient city of Guanajuato is a little unappreciated by internationals. However, known as the ‘Jewel of the Americas’, its university, arts festivals and various cultural happenings means that it is actually one of the most vibrant places in the whole of the country. Like any location with more locals than tourists, the prices of food, flights and hotels are pretty affordable, making it a place where your money goes further and happily, your trip lasts longer!

Portland, USA

Welcome to Portland!

With cheap food often comes the assumption that it must be poor quality, however, Portland Oregon is one American destination which is goes against this idea. With street food markets, affordable (and healthy) eateries of all shapes and sizes, you really can get so much for your money here. When it comes for things to do, the sheer amount of parks, breweries and museums also means you’ll always be occupied.

For more ways to save money on travel, use a promotional code for ebookers or make the most of the best budget locations in the world – there are endless places to discover!

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