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Knocking Things Off My Bucket List

6 Comments 23 October 2012

Sunset Indian Ocean

Seeing the sun for 24 hours – a bucket list item for me!

I love lists…I’m obsessed with lists…I like to write things down that I’ve done just to draw a line through them. Yes, it’s a problem – but I’m 42 and I’m not changing anytime soon. This December I get to do something a list-maker like me only dreams of doing – I get to mark things off the ‘Mother of all Lists’ – my bucket list.

Right there at the top – there it is – “Camp on Antarctica and see the Penguins”. I can almost see the pencil poised above the word “Camp” right now ready to firmly press on the paper and pull it across with a fervor and jolt of joy. My father and I leave on the M/S Expedition on Dec. 10th – I can hardly wait.

However there is another item on my Bucket List that could be even more exciting to me than seeing penguins. Down a bit further you’ll find it – “Experience 24 hours of daylight.” Think back to high school geography/science. If we depart on the Expedition Ship on Dec. 10th and are on it for 2 weeks, that means that we will be sailing around the Antarctic Circle around December 21st –the longest day of the year in the southern hemisphere.

“The December solstice occurs when the sun reaches its most southerly declination of -23.5 degrees. In other words, it is when the North Pole is tilted 23.5 degrees away from the sun. Depending on the Gregorian calendar, the December solstice occurs annually on a day between December 20 and December 23. On this date, all places above a latitude of 66.5 degrees north (Arctic Polar Circle) are now in darkness, while locations below a latitude of 66.5 degrees south (Antarctic Polar Circle) receive 24 hours of daylight.”

Longest Day solstice-december

Dusting off the cobwebs from grade school!

My father and I will be sailing back towards Argentina on the 21st – but we should still get to experience what they call the “midnight sun”, the phenomena of 24 consecutive hours of sunlight south of the Antarctic Circle. At least we’ll be darn close! My father is a bit of a science nut, so I can’t wait for him to get on the boat and get all nautical and scientific –and I’m excited to learn from the crew on the M/S Expedition about the geography of the area as well as more about the midnight sun. I certainly don’t remember much from my 7thgrade Geography/Science classes – so I could use a little refresher.

My dad and I recently talked about our excitement around the longest day as we were planning for the rest of our trip:

Let’s hope that I didn’t just jinx myself by writing this post – but it is one of the things that I’m most excited about for the big #OttAntarctica trip. I’ve got my pencil all ready, let’s hope that I will be able to cross two things off my bucket list at once this December!

Just 1 1/2 more months until we hop on the boat  for our 13 day trip with Expedition Trips to reach our 7th continent!  Want a little Antarctica inspiration?  Check out our #OttAntarctica Pinterest board!

Disclosure: Expedition Trips is hosting my Antarctic Peninsula Cruise. However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own – as you know how I love to speak my mind!

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  1. cody says:

    you dad is so adorable! im so excited for you guys. i cant wait either

  2. DAD says:


    Starting to get exited also! I need to make my packing list. I already marked the icecooler off our list as “not needed”.


  3. Wow! This is nice, can’t wait…. :)

    We just returned from our alaska cruise..and cruising to Antarctica sure beats this… 😉

  4. My friends all make fun of me because I have the same list obsession as you! There is just something so great about the feeling of crossing things off as completed. LOL

  5. Bessie says:

    Your dad is hilarious! I love when you ask him, “What’s the coolest thing about it?” — “Ice.”

    You’re going to have such an amazing time. Can’t wait to follow along!

  6. Steph says:

    List-makers unite! So awesome that you’ll get to spend the solstice in Antarctica. I went in January so there was a bit more darkness, but not much. It mostly just got dusky for a few hours then got light again.

    Your dad is way cool by the way :)

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