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How Wide is your Love?

29 Comments 23 November 2010

Gobi Desert

Lovely Sunset over the Gobi Desert

I’m happy to announce – I’m in love!  My heart is all a flutter, I’m wearing a permanant grin, and when I see the pictures – I can hardly contain myself!

I’m in love with my wide angle lens!

I used to travel with two lenses a portrait lens 17 to 55mm and a telephoto 75 to 300mm – I thought that was all I needed.  And then I went to Mongolia.  I decided in order to capture the vast landscapes of the Gobi Desert – I wanted to get a real wide angle lens.  So I purchased a 10 to 22mm and took it to Mongolia to shoot landscapes.  I’d only limit my use of the lens to shoot wide open spaces.

Gobi Desert Ger

Gobi Desert

Sure – I liked it – but I wasn’t necessarily in love with it…yet.

However over the last year I’ve gotten to know this lens better, and it has grown on me.  I realized I went into my initial relationship with my wide angle lens with all the wrong intentions.  I was narrow minded – I thought it was only best used on landscapes – big, wide-open spaces.  Granted, it is good for those types of shots…

Naepal lamjung district

Puma, Nepal

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

But then this summer I realized just how versitile the lens could be.   It has now become my favorite travel photography lens.  A wide angle lens can give massive impact to your photography.  It creates distortions and lines that my telephoto lens would never be able to do!  One of my favorite things to photograph with my wide angle is clouds.  In fact, I will now stop if I see good clouds, just so that I can get a photo – regardless of what the landscape is!  The clouds seem to zoom through the picture with the wide angle bringing the whole thing alive and the viewer feels like they are in the photo.

Gobi desert Storm

Gobi Desert Storm

windmill netherlands


Notre Dame Paris

Notre Dame

The lens isn’t just for the outdoors, it can also be used in cramped, confined, small spaces to take in a whole view.  This is perfect for rooms like this one in Amsterdam.


Museum Wall

Speaking of cramped space, it’s also perfect for city streets.  Very few cameras can get a complete shot of the buildings of New York City while standing on a street corner – that’s where the wide angle comes in.

NYSE Wall Street

NYSE Wall Street

Sunset Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Leuven Belgium

Leuven Belgium

It also has some fun distortion effects.  Whatever object, or part of the object, is closer to the lens will appear larger than the rest of the image; sort of providing a 3D effect.    I love to compose shots with the wide angle lens for this effect.

Brooklyn Bridge New York City

Brooklyn Bridge

Snow Canyon Utah

Snow Canyon Utah

Louvre Paris

Louvre Paris

My photography tutor in Laos taught me that when photographing people – it’s better to shoot wide so that you can capture how the subject is relating to the space around them.  Sure, I still like tight people shots, but I do get so much more from travel photography where I can see the person and there surroundings.

Luang Prabang Laos

Luang Prabang

Have you fell in love with the wide angle lens yet?  I thought so…

Better go make your holiday shopping list now!

Speaking of the holiday, I’d like to remind people that my photography is for sale – just click on any of these images to see how to purchase them, or simply browse through more photos from that gallery!

Your Comments

29 Comments so far

  1. Gary Arndt says:

    I too love my wide angle lens. *sob* I love you man!

  2. Yes!!! You know this exact lens has been on my ‘wish’ list for years now–really ever since i got my last SLR. In fact the Sigma 10-22 has been in my Amazon “Cart” for a few weeks now. Just hesitating to pull the trigger since i just dropped a bunch of cash on a new Macbook Pro, Final Cut, and a Canon 60D! Eek! But I always loved wide and wanted wider. Thanks for the encouragement!
    Great shots Sherry!

    • admin says:

      Well – I’ll be bringing it with me to Chicago – we can go out shooting and you can use it. It’s a Canon lens – so you can give it a test run!

  3. WOW! Ok, now I know what we’ll be asking Santa for this year! Too bad the talent isn’t included in the price of the lens! 😉 Fabulous shots!

  4. Erica says:

    My 10-20 was the most recent purchase I made and it came in super handy for the Grand Canyon shots I did.

    LOVE my super wide and I cannot wait until I take it on our backpacking trip.

    • admin says:

      Yes – it was necessary for the Grand Canyon! While backpacking – try it for a few photos of people too…it can provide a really cool effect if you get up close!

  5. islandmomma says:

    OMG in answer to your question, yes! You made me fall in love. Only problem is it will have to be unrequited for the foreseeable, on account of back-dated large tax bill received the other day :=( :=( **turning green**.

    These photos are superb. Guessing you’re going to be making full use of the lens in the near future then!! Looking forward to seeing upcoming photos!

    • admin says:

      Thanks! Yes – photography equip is not cheap. I actually bought this lens in Saigon which is not where I would recommend to buy it! I had to haggle forever with the guy and of course there was no warranty!

  6. Cindy says:

    Ohhh, this has been on my wish list too but you are about the best salesman Canon could have.

    For you next toy you should try (if you haven’t already) a 50mm fixed focus – for those close-up portrait shots of people, food, and lots of other things it gives a cool perspective. You know, just in case you were working on your Christmas list

  7. Leigh says:

    You’ve convinced me Sherry. So impressed with YOUR pictures and what you can do with that lens.

  8. Brian Setzer says:

    Beautiful shots Sherry! I’m not about to go get a dslr yet, but seeing pictures like these makes me think it may happen someday. Of course anyone can get a camera and lens it’s learning how to use them like you have that is the hard part.

  9. These are amazing! I guess it’s time for me to upgrade from my little Canon digi point and shoot and practice with a real camera for my upcoming trips.

  10. Dominique says:

    Great shots! I especially love the one of the Brooklyn Bridge.

    The trick is to figure out which lens to carry with you. That’s always my problem. I have several lenses, but don’t want to carry them all at the same time.

  11. Kent says:

    Wow Sherry, what amazing pics!

  12. Elise says:

    We too have been wanting one for our photos for ages, now that we are heading to the states in a few weeks time we will finally be able to get one for both our camera and video camera.
    Great photographs by the way. I think my favourite is ‘Leuven Belgium’. Tha architecture with the amazing sky is just a wonderful shot!

  13. Hi

    This is an awesome article and I totally agree with you. I use a 10-20mm zoom wide angle for a bit more flexibility and find it indespensible for Landscapes. For example, this shot of LaJolla Cove was with the lens at 10mm and a long exposure to get the movement of the waves. What is nice about this is you can catch foregrounds as well as the coast and sun all in one frame

    Regards, Erik

  14. Laura says:

    Love these shots. The bridge pic is great! I wanted to get a wide angle lens before I left on this last trip but decided to save it for the trip budget. I’m still dying to get one but I think I want to upgrade my camera before I start investing in extra equipment/accessories. It’s still at the top of my wish list though!

  15. Andrea says:

    These photos are amazing. I’m a complete amateur when it comes to photography and definitely need to improve my skills, but I did buy a 24mm Nikon lens a few years ago when we lived in Paris (I don’t think that’s quite as wide as you’re talking about here) and took some of my favourite photos ever.

  16. Lynn says:

    Sherry, these pictures are fabulous…you know what? I think you need to try black and white film….can you just imagine those clouds in black and white? Do it so I can feast my eyes… :)

  17. Alison says:

    Woo! I’m so excited to read this as I just ordered this lens and it’s on the way. I’ve very excited to experiment with it. I’m just getting caught up with your blog now after weeks of having my head buried in art exhibitions. I’m so excited for you Mongolia Rally adventures!

    • admin says:

      Can’t wait to see your shots with the wide angle – I found it great for Europe and all of the plazas and buildings. Great for the Grand Place!

  18. Seka Aleksic says:

    you are so talented, I am in love with your photos. wish I have this equipment!

  19. jenneil says:

    These are some amazing pics Sherry. I have so much to learn about lenses and filters… But, I won’t even ask the price of the lens because I would be tempted to add yet another thing to my pack.

  20. Anil says:

    These photos should be part of the advertisements for the lens :)

  21. Great images Sherry!!! I think that my next lens will probably be the 10-22mm as well. I love the distortion on the city scapes. However, I just dropped 1500$ on a 70-200mm f4 IS… so i need to be patient haha

  22. SpunkyGirl says:

    You know, ever since I decided to participate in the Mongol Rally next year, I have been thinking of getting a wide angle lens. Totally sold now.

    Gorgeous photos!!

    • Sherry says:

      Oh yes – it will be the best purchase you can make – you HAVE to have a wide angle lens for Mongolia!! So – are you and Charlie going to do it?!!!!

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