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Roam Sweet Roam Car Camping

September 17, 2018 12 Comments »

solo car camping tips

I read the Facebook comment “If you’re anywhere near Crested Butte, I’d love to say hi!!” left by Ottsworld reader, Vicki Hill. I often get messages from people/strangers wanting to meet up when I’m in their town or nearby. If I have time on a trip I LOVE to meet readers. Yes, yes I know […]

Why You Should Travel More

August 15, 2018 7 Comments »

Vacation Deficit Disorder

I am currently 30,000 feet in the air flying home after an incredible 2 week vacation in India with my niece. These 2 weeks actually felt like about 5 weeks away – but India always has that effect on me since I feel like I am eons away from my normal life when I am […]

How to Start Travel Hacking

May 10, 2018 No Comments »

how to start travel hacking

I just wrote about how I decided to get a travel focused credit card to take advantage of some of the travel perks they offer. However, another reason to get a travel focused credit card is because you want to get start travel hacking! Travel hacking is the process of earning travel reward points at […]