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Why You Should Travel More

August 15, 2018 5 Comments »

Vacation Deficit Disorder

I am currently 30,000 feet in the air flying home after an incredible 2 week vacation in India with my niece. These 2 weeks actually felt like about 5 weeks away – but India always has that effect on me since I feel like I am eons away from my normal life when I am […]

How to Start Travel Hacking

May 10, 2018 No Comments »

how to start travel hacking

I just wrote about how I decided to get a travel focused credit card to take advantage of some of the travel perks they offer. However, another reason to get a travel focused credit card is because you want to get start travel hacking! Travel hacking is the process of earning travel reward points at […]

Travel That Changes You

April 26, 2018 3 Comments »

travel that transforms you

SPONSORED – “I wasn’t happy. I knew I had to change my environment so I left to travel in 1984. It was total freedom. It’s the best feeling ever when you don’t know what’s around the corner.” It was this quote by Linda Nijlunsing that hooked me into listening to The Journey Podcast. It hooked […]