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Q&A – Cell Phones and ESL

February 25, 2010 11 Comments »

I get many emails from travelers all over the world asking me questions about my travels.  Here are some of the recent ones that are great to share with everyone!  If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask! Q:  from Dave – Brooklyn I came across your blog and was very impressed by your […]

Teacher – Teacher!

February 7, 2009 19 Comments »

I’ve been teaching ESL now for 5 months and it’s had its ups and downs. It’s honestly a lot of work, but it does get a bit easier once you’ve been there for a while. The prep time is reduced, and you learn that you simply need to stay a step ahead of the students. […]

Yesterday…In my Normal Life

December 19, 2008 5 Comments »

I had a funny little day yesterday. The scary part is that I’m starting to believe this is normal for my life in Vietnam. My definition of normal has slowly changed over the last three months. I often wonder what my friends in the US would think…is this normal? I will let you be the […]

Bringing Home the Bacon

October 25, 2008 4 Comments »

  There’s a reason it’s called Work. Work is still work. After two years of being out of work, my mini retirement has ended for a while. There’s a part of me that is happy that I have a place to settle for a bit, however there’s a larger part of me that would rather […]

Hands for Help – Final Thoughts

October 13, 2008 3 Comments »

Dhal Bhat Days – vol13 9/15/08 While in Nepal I heard from my old students in India; they wished me a happy teacher day via email; it took me completely off guard, and shook me up a bit . It had been a year ago that I was there living in Delhi teaching my wonderful group […]

Flower Children

October 4, 2008 4 Comments »

Dhal Bhat Days – Vol. 10 9/10/08 To see all of the snapshots of the ‘last day’ activities – click here! (opens new window) Time is very powerful. In fact, I think it’s the most powerful thing in this universe. Time heals feelings, it causes us to forget, and with time; everything gets better. My […]

School Days

September 28, 2008 1 Comment »

Dhal Bhat Days – Vol. 8 9/8/08 To see snapshots of the school and the kids – click here! (opens new window) To view all Village Photography click here! (opens new window) The whole reason I came to Nepal was to volunteer and teach. In some way I was trying to recapture my rewarding experience […]

Saved By Youth

September 18, 2008 2 Comments »

Dhal Bhat Days – Vol. 5 9/3/08 I hit a low today. I think it was due to many different things; but what affects me the most is not being able to have any type of conversation with anyone. I’m not simply sitting here silent – I am trying to form together a few words […]

Life as a Student and ESL Training

February 26, 2008 3 Comments »

esl training

I have entered the terrifying world of responsibility again. I may go into shock. I actually have to set my alarm every day and be somewhere by 9AM, and I don’t get back home until 5:30PM. Unfortunately – this new lifestyle is not making me any money – but it’s the path to my ticket […]

Spice Diaries – Vol 17, Sep 17 – Final Chapter

September 17, 2007 9 Comments »

For the ‘best of’ Delhi Photography – click here! For the ‘best of’ Agra and Taj Mahal Photography – click here! For the ‘best of’ Rajasthan Photography – click here! I wasn’t supposed to be here, in India that is. When I left the US a year ago I had many people ask me if […]