Restoring the Past – Iolani Palace

November 10, 2011 4 Comments »


  The grand koa wood staircase was shining with a new coat of oil as the focal point of the room; it’s beautiful curves lead the eye gently from the second floor down to the first floor. Men and women dressed in ornate gowns and neck-restricting tuxedos floated around the staircase receiving each other with […]

Oahu’s North Shore

November 4, 2011 18 Comments »

Oahu has surprised me on many levels so far.  With access to a car, you can really go explore every corner and find yourself on a turquoise secluded beach easily. That’s exactly what I did on the North Shore.  Ron and I drove to the North Shore to do the Shark Cage Experience early in the […]

School’s in Session – Talking Travel

November 3, 2011 8 Comments »

'Iolani School

“What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done?” “So….(big pause) you don’t live anywhere?” “What’s the grossest thing you’ve eaten?” “What are some good volunteer programs?” “What made you decide to quit your job?” “Do you file/pay taxes?” “Do you ever worry about your safety?” “What’s your favorite country?” For the last two days I’ve been […]

Shark Adventure in Hawaii

November 1, 2011 20 Comments »

shark cage hawaii

Da dum, Da dum, Da dum…. I hate scary movies; I’ve been a terror wimp my whole life. I have never even watched Jaws. The movie poster alone sent me into tears running for my mother and making me think twice about jumping into the lake – let alone an ocean. It was good that […]