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I kicked off my solo road trip through Ireland in County Cork.  It hasn’t taken me long to figure out that the island of Ireland is divided by counties – each person fiercely proud of their own and wary of other counties.  I decided to drive the Wild Atlantic Way and cover as many counties as I could and I kicked off the trip in Cork where I saw an old friend who showed me around the city.  From there I picked up my little (and I mean little) red car and hit the road.  Sure – that sounds simple – but driving a manual transmission car on the left side of the road took some getting used to.  Honestly – I was a wreck of worry, anxiety, and terror.  Until you’ve taken on this task yourself can you really know how much there is to think about at once when you switch sides of the road and drive in foreign countries.  Add to that the notorious winding, one lane roads throughout Ireland – and you have a recipe for disaster – at least that’s how my trip started out.

And that’s precisely why I wanted to do this alone – I knew it would be challenging to drive, navigate, and work on my own on the world’s longest coastal driving route dubbed the Wild Atlantic Way.  The beauty of this challenge was that after 1 1/2 days of white knuckle driving and my nose practically on the windshield, something just clicked and it went from terror to sheer fun.  I love that crossover – it’s a rush like no other.

So now I’m jetting around in my little red car for the next few weeks around the counties of Ireland.  Every day I look out at the views ahead of me and think – it can’t get any better than this – and then it does the next day.  So far my adventures around County Cork have taken me on walking tours, kayaking, historical stops, pottery making, and of course the best part to any trip is meeting the locals. But the most impressive part of my road trip so far has been the photography.  Some days I stop at least 3 times an hour to take pictures.  The sun, stormy clouds, green hills, black and white cows really are picture perfect here.  I let out audible gasps as I round a corner and see a new view.  And sometimes I gasp because I round the corner and there is a car coming towards me on a single lane road.  I’ve become quite good at backing up.

Much, much more to come on this solo road trip – so stay tuned as I make my way through other counties and adventures!  Enjoy County Cork for now…I had so many Instagram pictures I couldn’t even decide what to put in the recap – and all of this only after 5 days of road tripping!


wild atlantic way county cork

Don’t fence me in! I love the freedom associated with road trips – especially when you are doing it solo!

Ireland road trip

My Irish steed – don’t you wish you had one of these to zip around the #wildatlanticway ?

university college cork

Fall has arrived in #Ireland – colorful leaves on UCC campus in Cork.

Cork walking trail

A web of abandonment. Old #abandoned house along Cotk’s University Walking trail.


Ireland thanks for showing off today with beautiful weather for day 1 of my #soloroadtrip !

dromberg stone circle

Dromberg Stone Circle. An ancient place for ceremonies & burials along the #wildatlanticway

galley head

Galley Head on the #wildatlanticway – had a fab afternoon exploring w absolutely no plans and finding views like this.

county cork

The clouds look like paintbrush strokes today. What would you paint if the sky were your canvas? #irelandinspires

mizen head

The most Southwesterly point in Ireland at Mizen Head signal station. They love superlative designations here in Ireland!

bantry ireland

The little village of Bantry along the Wild Atlantic Way. #soloroadtrip

dunbeacon pottery

Another rainy day #wildatlanticway way activity – stopped at Dunbeacon Pottery & met Helen the potter. A true artist. I was in love with the simple design and color palette. So fun to sit and chat w her about her craft. Wish I had room to take some with me but a picture will have to do.

county cork

Yes this is real – passing from county Cork to Kerry I came across this gift of nature.


What is Week In-Stagram Review?

Each week brings some new scenery and location for me – that’s just the way I like it. If you want to follow where I am real time – then on Friday I will post some of my Instagram photos from the current week. Some weeks I may be traveling somewhere exotic, and some weeks it may be less interesting – but it will give you a peek into my life of perpetual motion.



Disclosure:  For this first week of my road trip I am a guest of Failte Ireland.  However all opinions expressed here are my own.

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