Trees of Lanai Hawaii

tree hawaii lanai

Ko’ele Lodge Grounds

As soon as the shuttle turned onto the main road leaving the airport I realized that I would be seeing much more than palm trees on the island of Lana’i.  Pine trees lined the road leading into Lana’i City and I new I was in for a topiary treat over the next 10 days!  Granted I’m no tree expert – I don’t know the names or varieties – I just simply love to photograph them.  In fact – I have a fun Pinterest Board solely dedicated to tree photography!

Lana’i has a tree focused history – and thanks to the Norfolk Pine tree – the dry island found a way to trap moisture.

Needless to say – I took a lot of photos of trees while on Lana’i – here are some of my favorites.

trees lanai

Using the trees of Lana’i to escape the sun

sand castles and palm trees

Palm trees line Hulopo’e Beach Park

lanai trees

Trees line the Koloiki Ridge Trail

lanai pine trees Dole Park

Dole Park in Lana’i City is filled with pine trees

lanai pine trees

Pine trees filter the sun

Palm trees reflect in Manele Bay Resort pool

Palm trees reflect in Manele Bay Resort pool

lanai trees

Native trees near Hulopo’e Beach Park

lanai trees

A mess of branches makes a complicated tree puzzle

Norfolk Island Pine

This Norfolk Island Pine at Ko’ele Lodge is the oldest tree on the island!

koele lodge grounds

Trees on the Ko’ele Lodge grounds

lanai sunset

Sunset among the pines

See more trees in Hawaii  – Big Island and O’ahu

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  1. Wow Sherry, those photos are amazing. I need to plan to get to Lanai some day. It one of the few islands I have not been on in the Aloha state. That and, believe it or not, Oahu. I should go there one day but its hard to force myself into the big city when im in Hawaii.

  2. Gorgeous photos, Sherry

  3. Bess says:

    Very pretty pictures. They have the trees in the first and the last picture on Oahu too.

  4. Lovely photos! Hard to believe that Hawaii has more than palm trees.

  5. Beautiful shots Sherry. I find the trees on Lanai to be really cool – you just don’t expect pine trees in Hawai’i! We especially like those Norfolk Pines.

  6. Deb says:

    Great shots. I didn’t see the trees of Lanai the way that you saw them. You’ve given me a new appreciation.

  7. robin says:

    Wow!!! amazing pics i likes such type information and pics so plz more explorer such type information.

  8. Mark H says:

    Inspiring photos giving each tree its own character and life…

  9. Nico of A Travellers Journey says:

    The photo of Palm Trees at Beach Park is definitely my favourite.

  10. Ziga says:

    Awesome pictures of amazing trees! I didnt know there a re pine trees on Hawaii!

  11. weekendroady says:

    Love those pines – so out of place on a tropical paradise, but that’s what makes them special.

    Was in Maui earlier this year (too short a stay to take a day trip to Lanai) and noticed similar pines on the road en route to Haleakala. Lanai reminds me a little of Australia’s Norfolk island.

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