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2 Comments 16 May 2009

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I’ve been busy working in retail this weekend…actually, I’ve been building a store!  No, it’s not a brick and mortar store, it’s an online travel store for Ottsworld readers.  Of course this little project that should have been rather simple ended up taking me about 4 hours, but it’s done now; mission accomplished!

Check out my Amazon store that I’ve added to my site; you can find it in the top navigation under “Travel Store”  I’ve filled it with items that I love and use.  Many of these of the items I used on my Around the World travel – essential for traveling.  There are travel books, travel guides, and travel gear.  I’ve also included the books I used on how to take a career break/gap year and travel, inpirational books I love about finding a new career or making changes, and some of my other random favorite books.   You get all of the security, shipping, discounts and ease of using, but the benefit is that Ottsworld get a small little piece of the $pie for referring you

So, if you are considering purchasing a travel guide or supplies, please do so through my store and it helps support Ottsworld (and then purchase more things on Amazon while you are at it!!)  This way I can keep bringing you great travel stories and advice…who wouldn’t want that?!

Shop till you drop!

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  1. Lilliy says:

    Hello from Jeddah,
    I did the same thing a week ago. I didn’t put every thing on it yet but it kind of made me happy, having a store online just by referring people for your favorite stuff mine is called “Travel with Fun Lilliy Amazon store”. But you have an amazing selection on yours. I love travel books and I am always looking for recommendations. I am definitely checking your store.
    Great Blog I found it through links on Nomadic Matt Travel site.

  2. Sherry says:

    Thanks Lilliy!
    Now I just have to get some people interested in buying! It was fun to put it together as it was all stuff that I actually used and loved!

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