Panoramic Lana’i


Kahekili's Leap

Kahekili’s Leap

I’ve had ten days on the little (virtually unknown) island of Lana’i in Hawaii.  So unknown that Lonely Planet doesn’t even have a section on it’s website about it!  I’ve been breaking in my new Gallaxy SIII smartphone at the same time as part of this trip.  And what better place than this unique island to test out the Panoramic feature of my new SIII?  I used to have to get a special app to do panoramic photos – but  the SIII has the functionality built right in.

Lana’i is so unique and charming and I’ll be writing much more extensively about Lana’i in the coming weeks – but this should give you a good teaser of what’s to come!  The island is full of gorgeous and surprising vistas that are unlike any Hawaii you’ve ever seen before.  Here’s a few views of the entire island – from the forested ares of Cook Island Pines to the secluded beaches, to the other-worldly landscapes, to the brushy dry plaines – Panoramic Lana’i is stunning.

Near Pu'u Pehe  (sweetheart rock)

The hike out to Pu’u Pehe (sweetheart rock)

Brush and rocks

The brushy hillside near Kahekili’s Leap

Ko'ele Lodge Lanai

Grounds at Ko’ele Lodge

offroading Lanai

Get your Daisy Dukes on – Offroading Lana’i

Lopa Beach Lanai

Lopa Beach Lana’i

sunset at Ko'ele Lodge

Sunset over the stables in Lana’i

Four Seasons Manele Bay

The luxurious Four Seasons Manele Bay

Koloiki Ridge HIke

Koloiki Ridge HIke

Garden of the Gods Lanai Hawaii

The ‘other-worldly’ landscape of Garden of the Gods

Ko'ele Lodge on Lanai

The beautifully forested Four Seasons Ko’ele Lodge on Lana’i

Visit Lana'i

Disclosure: I was a guest of Visit Lana’i as a part of their New Media Artist in Residence Program.   Thanks to Samsung for sponsoring a few of my activities in Lana’i and gifting me a Samsung Galaxy SIII.  All views expressed here are my own honest opinions and do not reflect the views of Visit Lana’i or Samsung.

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  1. Kristi says:

    Two pictures stand out to me: Grounds at Ko’ele Lodge and the Sunset over the Stables. Why these pics? Well, the grounds one has some dark, but bright shades of green that pop. However, with those colors, it really draws my eye to that gazebo (or whatever it is). It’s like a beacon and I love it. The Grounds picture makes you think you aren’t even in Hawaii. It almost looks like a picture of an English countryside landscape. I love that, too.

    • Sherry Ott says:

      That’s the beauty of Lana’i – it has this amazing forest area that will make you think you are in Montana or a Swiss mountain town. The diversity there is amazing!

  2. Pete says:

    I love these especially the capture at Lopa Beach. I have to start using the Pano-function more often.

  3. Bessie says:

    Cool collection of panoramics! Really beautiful vistas!

  4. Ayngelina says:

    I have never thought to do panoramas for locations but I love these photos, it really shows the beauty of Lana’i.

  5. Laurence says:

    Time to throw away the DSLR 😉

  6. I could definitely see myself spending a few days at the Four Seasons!

  7. Lovely colours and atmospheric panoramas!

  8. Andrea says:

    Ahh – Hawaii – so beautiful! We only got to visit Maui but I’d love to go back and see the other islands, especially Kauai.

  9. Lanai’i is a magical place; such a departure from the rest of the islands. And the Four Season Koele is one of our all time favorite hotels.

    Great panoramas BTW.

  10. Red Hunt says:

    Holy snapping turtles! These panos are great….Lanai’i looks splendid. I have no idea which island I would visit if I could pick only one but Kauai, Lanai’i and the Big Island are tops on my wishlist these days…

  11. OK, I am taking the plunge with the Galaxy SIII panorama camera thing this week… doubt I get many this good looking, but going to try!

  12. Turtle says:

    Wow – wonderful panoramas. I can’t even get mine to match up properly when I try.

  13. Love these panoramas, especially the Garden of the Gods, such a different place than the beaches you expect anywhere in Hawaii. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Mebin says:

    Hats off to you.. really beautiful Pictures

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