Mohammad al-Amin Mosque Beirut

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Photo of the Week – Mosques of the Middle East

12 Comments 25 March 2011

Just like churches dominate the European landscape, Mosques take the honor in the Middle East.  During my travels in the Middle East this winter I had the chance to visit a few and photograph some of them.  I was rarely let inside the mosques to do photography, but when I was it was a special [...]

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Egypt, Middle East, Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week Egypt

10 Comments 16 July 2010

In the Spotlight – Egypt I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t even know where this was shot.  Sure, I know I was in Egypt in yet another temple, but I had my overdose of temples much earlier in my stay, so I stopped really keeping track.  As I wandered around yet another temple I [...]

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McDonalds and the RTW Traveler

85 Comments 27 May 2010

It has to be said…and this may be controversial… Eating at McDonalds in a foreign country does NOT make you a despicable traveler. In all honestly – up until I took my career break and traveled around the world, I would have scoffed at that statement. I thought Americans who ate at McDonalds while traveling [...]

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Egypt, Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week – Sinai Egypt

3 Comments 14 May 2010

Color Canyon Hike in the Sinai Region of Egypt The wind had formed the sandstone of Color Canyon in Sinai Egypt is a memorable hike.  The canyon floor ‘trail’ was sometimes wide and sometimes very, very narrow. As you walked through the cannon and followed the path of the wind, you saw the various colorful [...]

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Yella! Moving on from Egypt

3 Comments 02 August 2007

Photo: The many towers of the Mohammad Ali Mosque in Cairo For the ‘best of’ Egypt Photography – click here! For all pictures of Cairo and other Egypt oddities – click here! Egypt was a quick stop for me – 2 weeks, but I covered a lot of ground. I went from South to North, [...]

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Living to Die – Tombs of Egypt

3 Comments 31 July 2007

For the ‘best of’ Egypt Photography – click here! For all snapshots of the Valley of the Kings and the Great Pryamids – click here! One of my favorite sayings to live by is “work to live” – it’s really what I tried to follow while living and working in NYC. Quite frankly – I [...]

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Holy Moses – Egypt’s Red Sea and Mt. Sinai!

4 Comments 31 July 2007

View Egypt Photography View snapshots of the Red Sea and surrounding canyons View photos of Mt. Sinai and the Burning Bush  Photo: Sawa camp on the Red Sea The Red Sea was next on our Moses Tour. This was my favorite part in the movie…the water even looked red in the TV version – and [...]

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The Mother of All Project Plans – Ancient Egypt

1 Comment 31 July 2007

For the ‘best of’ Egypt Photography – click here! I must confess – I’m not really into ancient sites, it’s just not my thing. I was bored by Pompeii, disinterested in the Parthenon, and I skipped the Roman Forum altogether – for some reason – these places just aren’t as interesting to me as simply [...]

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