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Why You Should Travel More

August 15, 2018 7 Comments »

Vacation Deficit Disorder

I am currently 30,000 feet in the air flying home after an incredible 2 week vacation in India with my niece. These 2 weeks actually felt like about 5 weeks away – but India always has that effect on me since I feel like I am eons away from my normal life when I am […]

5 of the Best Upper Midwest Road Trips

July 10, 2018 14 Comments »

upper midwest road trips

In an effort to bring you some new voices on Ottsworld, here is a guest post from blogger and road trip expert Kristi. She not only writes about road trips she’s taken (and she’s taken a lot!), she’ll also help you plan yours down to every detail! I was excited to have her write about […]

Tips for Buying Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

June 4, 2018 7 Comments »

annual multi trip travel insurance

I hate insurance shopping. Medical insurance, travel insurance, car insurance – I hate it all. I’ve always referred to travel insurance shopping as the worst thing to do on my trip planning list. Nothing squashes the excitement of a trip more than reading the fine print of all the ways you can die or things […]

Take a Houseboat Vacation and Learn to Relax

August 1, 2017 10 Comments »

houseboat vacation canada

“But what is there to do for 4 days on a houseboat vacation?” I asked Dalene and Pete one day when we were chatting on Facebook planning our upcoming trip to New Brunswick. “You just relax,” Dalene answered in a somewhat surprised that-was-a-stupid-question tone. I was skeptical. Relax…that seems easy, right? For most people it […]

Mobile App Makes Travel Insurance Easy

March 28, 2017 6 Comments »

Travel insurance claims

Typically travel writers, like me tend to focus on the dreamy inspirational parts of travel; the gorgeous landscapes, amazing food, and colorful new cultures. Everyone wants to hear about the fun parts of travel. But there are some other sides of travel that you seldom hear about – the arduous side, the part when things […]

How to Pack for an Antarctica Cruise

March 14, 2017 12 Comments »

Antartica Packing List

Are you heading to the land of intrepid explorers, icebergs, and penguins? If you are going to the bottom of the world, one would think you are simply packing the warmest stuff you can find – but there’s much more to an Antarctica packing list than warm clothes! I’ve been to Antarctica twice now and […]

What to Expect On A Journey to Eastern Antarctica

March 7, 2017 5 Comments »

eastern antarctica

Approximately 500 tourists come through the Southern Ocean to Eastern Antarctica each austral summer, while 40,000 take the route from South America through the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula. Why do so few people take this route to Eastern Antarctica? Because it’s hard, unpredictable, rough, riddled with ice, and the journey simply takes a […]

Don’t Skip Winnipeg!

December 13, 2016 8 Comments »

Things to do in Winnipeg

Twelve thousand tourists visit Churchill Manitoba a year primarily to see polar bears. It’s a huge draw for a small town of 800 people. Since Churchill is remote and essentially cut off from any road system, there are only two ways to get there – via train or a flight. Either one you choose, will […]

Travel Gear Gift Guide

November 29, 2016 17 Comments »

travel gear

I really hate excess and stuff…unless of course said stuff helps me travel in some way! I know that you are bombarded by Holiday shopping lists already – Black Friday, Cyber Monday…blah. But I understand that unlike me, most of you do actually shop for the holidays – so I’ve put together a small list […]

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