The Dirndl and Oktoberfest Fashion

September 27, 2016 3 Comments »

dirndl fashion

I know, Oktoberfest is supposed to be about the beer, and how it’s flowing like the Amazon River, people are jolly, dancing on tables, making new friends, and eating sausages. This is the month hoards of beer lovers crowd into Munich to celebrate the golden liquid. An estimated 7.5 million liters of beer are consumed […]

The Making of Human Towers and Catalan Tradition

July 14, 2016 4 Comments »

human towers catalonia

I heard myself let out an audible gasp as my whole body tensed up.  My eyes were targeted on the small figure scurrying up 30 feet over 8 levels of people to the top of the narrow tower. I was nervous for her, for everyone; yet I had to remind myself that this was an […]

Why You Should Travel to Vietnam in Rainy Season

July 5, 2016 49 Comments »

vietnam rainy season motorbike

It arrives in Vietnam with a vengeance; the rainy season. No rain for months and then it just starts; daily downpours that relieve you from the heat and make you run for cover. Most people hear the words “Vietnam rainy season” and immediately start looking at other vacation alternatives. But I say embrace the rainy […]

3 Unusual Ways to Experience the NYC Art Scene

July 5, 2016 1 Comment »

New York City is one of the most artistic cities in the world, and I’m continuously amazed at all of the artistic events, places, and people the city is filled with. Prior to moving to New York City, I didn’t really have an intense appreciation for the arts, but it’s impossible not to get caught […]

Philly’s Other History Eastern State Penitentiary

June 28, 2016 5 Comments »

Eastern State Penitentiary Philadelphia

“The building is designed to strike fear into your heart by giving you a completely solitary, isolated experience,” Steve Buscemi whispered in my ear. Then I heard a creaky, heavy, cell door being pulled shut with a metal on metal bang that made me jump. I had just entered solitary confinement in prison. I was […]

Travel Through New China and Old Traditions

May 31, 2016 No Comments »

what to expect china

I cringe when I hear the speaker crackle and pop as a high-pitched voice blares through the square in Xi’an. The speaker should have probably been retired 10 years ago, but it lives on and no one seems to care that it’s past its prime. I try to listen through the crackling and come to […]

Go Beyond Gold in Nome Alaska

April 26, 2016 13 Comments »

“There’s a million dollars out there that could be yours,” the guy at the table behind me says. “I don’t know,” the man says in a doubtful tone, “the season is about half over.” I continue to eavesdrop as they share numbers back and forth. The strange thing is that the first guy is probably […]

An Alaska Town for Every Personality

April 5, 2016 3 Comments »

where to go in Alaska

Alaska is vast, yet few people ever see more than a few tiny sections of it. Most people stick to the well worn tourists trails which center around the cruising industry; they see such a small part of Alaska and say that they’ve ‘been there’- but honestly they haven’t. I’m going to go out on […]

Sleeping with Truckers

March 31, 2016 4 Comments »

Coldfoot Alaska truckstop

I survey my surroundings; the room feels like a patchwork quilt of cheap wood paneling, rusted metal, exposed florescent lighting, particleboard walls, and industrial carpet.  I can’t really expect much more when you are essentially staying in a truck stop above the Artic Circle. This is one of these times when it’s REALLY about the […]

How You Can Take a Made in Germany Road Trip

March 10, 2016 7 Comments »

Made in Germany Road Trip

There’s something about my Made in Germany road trip that felt cathartic. It stirred so many memories of my childhood and my trips to my grandparent’s homes. At times it felt I was getting the missing pieces to a puzzle I started 40+ years ago about my upbringing and family. Little things jarred memories – […]

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