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Halawa Valley Molokai Hike and Cultural Experience

June 23, 2015 5 Comments »

Halawa Valley HIke Molokai

I press my forehead against his forehead and I feel his hands reach around and grab the sides of my arm as if to steady himself and me. We are nose to nose, I close my eyes with this stranger, and we take a deep breath at the same time; essentially sharing our intake of […]

Hotel Molokai the One and Only

June 16, 2015 6 Comments »

hotel molokai sunrise

They say one is the loneliest number, but not when you are the only hotel on the Hawaiian Island of Molokai. In fact, if I were to put my business education to work, one is a pretty great number when you are on the supply side of the supply and demand equation. Hotel Molokai is […]

Molokai’s Ultimate Custom Postcards

June 9, 2015 7 Comments »

hawaii postcard

Coconut water, coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut vinegar – we are coo coo for coconuts. It seems like every time I come back to the US there is another coconut fad that has hit the shelves. It always makes me chuckle to myself when I see the beautifully branded coconut water products on the shelves […]

Don’t Travel to Molokai

June 4, 2015 84 Comments »

Molokai beaches

“Actually, the best thing you can write about Molokai is to tell people not to come here,” she said. I was alarmed – I was on Molokai, one of the 6 islands (that are visitable) that make up Hawaii, in order to experience and write about it as a holiday destination and I was being […]

Week In-stagram Review Molokai

March 24, 2015 4 Comments »

Tourism in Hawaii is one of the main industries – unless you are on Molokai Island.  The saying “One of these is not like the other” kept running through my head my first few days on Molokai as it’s nothing like its other island siblings – and of course – that’s why I loved it.  […]