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Halawa Valley Molokai Hike and Cultural Experience

June 23, 2015 5 Comments »

Halawa Valley HIke Molokai

I press my forehead against his forehead and I feel his hands reach around and grab the sides of my arm as if to steady himself and me. We are nose to nose, I close my eyes with this stranger, and we take a deep breath at the same time; essentially sharing our intake of […]

Hotel Molokai the One and Only

June 16, 2015 7 Comments »

hotel molokai sunrise

They say one is the loneliest number, but not when you are the only hotel on the Hawaiian Island of Molokai. In fact, if I were to put my business education to work, one is a pretty great number when you are on the supply side of the supply and demand equation. Hotel Molokai is […]

Molokai’s Ultimate Custom Postcards

June 9, 2015 7 Comments »

hawaii postcard

Coconut water, coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut vinegar – we are coo coo for coconuts. It seems like every time I come back to the US, there is another coconut fad that has hit the shelves. It always makes me chuckle when I see the beautifully branded coconut water products on the shelves, and I […]

Don’t Travel to Molokai

June 4, 2015 88 Comments »

Molokai beaches

“Actually, the best thing you can write about Molokai is to tell people not to come here,” she said. I was alarmed – I was on Molokai, one of the six islands (that are visitable) that make up Hawaii, in order to experience and write about it as a holiday destination and I was being […]