Things to do in Spain

My Spanish Loves:

Discovering the next great geographical area for villas, food, landscapes, and relaxation – Costa Brava in Catalan.

Taking in the colors, shapes, sounds and smells of the La Boqueria market in Barcelona.

A big part of my time in Spain was spent walking the Camino de Santiago – a 500 mile, 33 day hike from Pamplona to Santiago.

Hotels in Spain:

I discovered the benefits of staying in an apartment with Oh Barcelona – getting away from the touristy areas and into the local culture, saving money by cooking my own meals and being able to deeply explore my little neighborhood.

Food in Spain:

I had a lovely day with Albert at La Barretina discovering an off the beaten path culinary delight in Spain.

I experienced a meal I will never forget at the best restaurant in the world.

 Spain Pictures:

If you love oogling over pictures of gorgeous landscapes and inspiring architecture, you should get yourself over to my Spain picture gallery right away.  Vamos!

things to do in spain

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12 Reasons To Walk The Camino de Santiago

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Why walk the Camino de Santiago

In an effort to bring you some new voices on Ottsworld, here is a guest post from artist, writer, and hiker Kate. I met Kate when she contacted me about her Camino de Santiago art business. I thought it sounded like such a great idea and a way to have the Camino live on in […]

Have Yourself a Poopy Catalan Christmas

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caga tio caganer catalan christmas

There is no Santa Claus in Catalonia. That’s right – none. The kids in the northern part of Spain are told that Santa passes them over and doesn’t stop in Catalonia. No, they aren’t being punished because they were ‘bad’. They simply don’t need Santa in Catalonia…they have something else, something better. A Christmas log […]

Take a Costa Brava Fishing Experience Like No Other!

July 17, 2018 12 Comments »

costa brava fishing boats

The sky was just starting to get light at 6:30AM. I moved slowly still trying to wake up as I took a deep breath of salty sea air. Palamos still felt like a ghost town at this hour, except for the little bustling activity around the fishing port. I watched as men greeted each other […]

How to Order and Enjoy Pintxos in San Sebastian

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pintxos san sebastian

This is my first trip to San Sebastian, and I’m confused.  People are grabbing food from the bar, walking out, and not paying. If that wasn’t confusing enough, I watch as no one behind the bar writes anything down or keeps track of anything. I wonder if this is akin to one of those super […]

Bike Tour Tips From My First Cycling Trip

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bike tour tips

Like biking through the landscape of Basque Country, there are lots of ups and downs when taking your first bike tour. With each new adventure comes learning, and my biggest learning was there was no reason to be fearful about it. Fear so often holds us back from doing things we want to do (like […]

Training for the Camino de Santiago Walk

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In an effort to bring you some new voices on Ottsworld, here is a guest post from an Ottsworld reader and traveler Emily Ward. She is getting ready to embark on some epic career break travels and she’s starting with the Camino de Santiago.  I asked her to share her training plan with me to […]

Finding Beauty in Average Castelló D’empuries

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Castelló D’empuries

“Don’t you dare ignore me!” my alarm would scream at me if it could talk. My alarm started quietly this morning and progressively got louder. As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t ignore it, I had to get up early to go photograph an average town. Just like with people, there are places in […]

Things to do in Costa Brava, Spain: Visit Medieval Towns

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things to do in costa brava

Looking for things to do in Costa Brava, Spain? Then, take a journey through the medieval towns of Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees. The region is full of imposing castles, walled cities, and ruins of centuries past. Medieval towns this old and beautiful should be captured to give you lasting holiday memories, so bring your […]