Unique Places To Travel Each Month Of The Year

June 15, 2020   4 Comments »

Unique Places To Travel Each Month Of The Year

June 7, 2020 4 Comments »

When the world starts to travel again post Covid19 quarantines – where will you go?

I think one of the things people agree on is they want to go to places that aren’t crowded or necessarily well-known. That may mean isolated destinations, remote outdoor places, urban settings that are lesser known (tier 4 & 5 cities), or maybe you want to just stick to small towns. I feel like I’m perfectly poised to help people determine where they can find those places.

After all, for the last decade my core travel style has been
‘Find the place that everyone isn’t going to’

Years of Around the World Travel Led me to Writing this Ebook

I’ve been exploring the globe since 2006 in search of unique places to share with people. The desire to wander and discover new lands, cultures, and ideas is always a part of my travels; I call it my ‘Explorer Gene’. It is a huge part of what has compelled me to travel non-stop for 13 years.

Get Ideas of Where to Travel By Month

Where to Go & When is a guide I’ve compiled from years of research. A list of destination ideas based on time of year. These are places that I’ve personally traveled to and experienced, and are some of the best moments of my travels.

Explore Different Travel Styles by Month

For each month I’ve chosen 3 destinations or experiences to satisfy different travel styles with a short overview of the interesting, cool and quirky things to do there.

unique place to travel to

Epic Trips

In my opinion, these trips are the cream of the crop. They are places or adventures that are hard to access, challenging (in a good way), majestic and often unthinkable. Generally they are longer trips and more expensive. But they are worth every penny if you can do one of these!

International Trips and Festivals

My favorite international trips and festivals around the world. If you like to celebrate the odd or curious when you travel – then trips are for you! Once again, many are unique and generally quirky and quite honestly, they match my personality.

Trips in the United States

For those Americans who might be looking for something closer to ‘home.’ You’ll find a combination of remote places in the US you likely haven’t heard of, and 4th and 5th tier cities for urban experiences. One of my favorite things about US travel is discovering the pockets of unique geographical cultures.

unique places to travel

Hopefully, some of these places, adventures, or festivals will push you a little out of your comfort zone, because outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens. And why not bring a friend along and send this post too so they can get their download too!

I hope you will explore these places and find as much joy as I did.

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