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October 8, 2006 No Comments »

Departing Penn Station with my packs

I’ve done it – there’s no looking back now – I’ve got to roll with whatever comes my way. It was a difficult departure – reminiscent of my previous moves around the US. Every time I would talk to a close friend my eyes would well up in tears. I’m not real sure why as I wasn’t sad about my decision, just emotional about the unknown I guess. I finally told myself that I needed to practice my acting skills and when people asked me if I was excited I would lie and say ‘yes’ trying to act excited – that way maybe I would convince myself that I was truly excited. No matter what tactic I tried – the tears came – and I had to admit – I was scared of what I was embarking into.

That realization really pissed me off. I don’t want to think of myself as someone who is scared – I want to be seen as strong, brave, independent – not scared. But I guess everyone is human and this was my breaking point – leaving the known, predictable world I know to go out and discover a new world…literally. Leaving the US to me is very reminiscent of going away to college and my parents driving away from the dorm parking lot while I choked back tears – not really knowing what to do next as I delved into adulthood and responsibility whether I liked it or not. Just like in college – I will land on my feet. Once I get there I will be reminded of why I’m doing this. I will soak in the culture, the people, the landscape, the smiles, the sounds – it will coarse thru me and soon this fear will be gone – replaced by wonder.

I’m traveling with 5 other women in Kenya and with our friend Mungai. Mungai is from Nairobi and has recently moved back there after spending a good amount of time in NYC (where we met him). Erin, Aimee, Sandra, Allison and Cynthia are my travel partners for now….a welcome site. Thank goodness I had people to leave the US with – people to talk to and get my mind off things. We are staying with Mungai and his family in Nairobi. Mungai has planned out whole itinerary for Kenya – Nairobi, Samburu Safari, Mombosa, and Lamu. It’s such a treat to have someone from the area to show us around, translate for us, and look out for us – we are truly priveledged!

Pictured: My two packs that I will be living out of for a year…ugh…a far cry from my closet at home!

Currently – the airplane map in front of me has us flying near Turkey, Baghdad, Cairo, Tripoli, Luxor and the Sahara Desert – the excitement level is starting to brew! More to come once I land!

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