New Zealand In-stagram Review

February 4, 2019   6 Comments »

New Zealand In-stagram Review

January 5, 2017 6 Comments »

“It’s like Hawaii and Colorado had a baby” – that’s how my niece Lindsey described New Zealand, and that’s actually pretty damn accurate.  I have been in few places in the world with this beautiful of turquoise waters, beaches, wildlife, and snowy mountain peaks.  A country where you can do it all, and we did.

We spent most of our time in the North Island driving through the middle and hitting the main sights.  Our little Intrepid Travel group of 15 people was a perfect way to experience the island as we all had different backgrounds and interests so even though we had a lot of time driving, it was always interesting. We had an abundance of adventure and cultural activities available to us as we traversed the island.  After all, New Zealand is know for adventure, so you have to get out and get that adrenaline engaged – and we did!  Besides the adrenaline rush of our Bungee jumping day, my favorite thing to do here is hike.  We did a short day hike one day surrounded by volcanoes, an amazing feeling to be among these natural wonders.

However the best part was that Lindsey was so fun to travel with.  She was always upbeat, on time, and polite to everyone.  And most importantly, she made me laugh.  My memories that are firmly implanted in my mind are not necessarily the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand. My memories are of sharing earbuds and listening to her music or comedy shows together while eating her many bags of candy.  Or the time when she made dinner in the backpacker kitchen for us.  Or when we got into a civilized conversation about politics.  These are the memories that will last forever.

The 2 weeks of Niece Project 5.0 went really fast, too fast.  I was sad to see Lindsey go home this New Year. But at least we have some great photos and videos for memories! Here are some of my favorite Instagram photos from our time on the Niece Project.

Merry Christmas from New Zealand! #nieceproject

A photo posted by Sherry Ott (@ottsworld) on

Hat trick! Mt. Rapehu, a waterfall, and my niece all in the same picture! #NieceProject #liveintrepid

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For the 3rd year the Niece Project is working with Intrepid Travel! Check out their great family travel opportunities. Family doesn’t always have to mean the conventional family, it is also for aunts and uncles!
I was a guest of Intrepid Travel on this tour However all opinions are my own.

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