Fall Colors in Hidden Manhattan

October 25, 2013 16 Comments »

Fall colors nyc

The colors of fall in Inwood Park

When I used to live in NYC my day to day life confined me to a pretty small area of Manhattan – home, work, and play all occurred between 86th and Canal Street normally.  One of the great things about not having a home and having to rely on friends (and sometimes strangers) to stay with is that it get’s me out of the 86th to Canal street bubble.  When I am in NYC (like this week) I get to stay and see different parts of the Manhattan and sometimes the boroughs.  I love exploring and finding new places in a familiar city.

This week I’m in Inwood at the very tip of Manhattan near the Bronx.  This is actually very near my storage unit – so it’s a convenient location for me.  Most NYers don’t ever get to Inwood or have even ridden the subway up to 190th before!  However it’s a fascinating area where Spanish seems to be the main language, there are hills and rock formations, the Cloisters, and it has a few lovely parks that most people overlook.

Since I’ve been trying to do a last minute (hopeless) preparation for my upcoming 3 week Turkey hike, I’ve been putting on my hiking boots, and backpack and exploring the parks with my camera to capture these brisk, fall days.  I’ve even practiced setting up my new 1 person tent in the park!  Most of these photos are from Fort Tyron Park and Inwood Hill Park and the trees here are perfect – it’s a super ‘hidden’ place to see fall colors in Manhattan.  So if you are in NYC, consider hopping on the A train and riding it until 190th and explore a bit of hidden Manhattan.

Fort Tyron Park NYC

Fort Tyron has fabulous views of the river and New Jersey foliage

Autumn leaves fort tyron

Colorful leaves on the trail

Fort Tyron park manhattan

Pathways connect Fort Tyron and Inwood Park

fall leaves new york

The sun shines through with a golden glow


fire hydrant abandoned

An old fire hydrant hiding away in leaves in Inwood park

Fall colors new york

And they all fall down…

Fort Tyron manhattan

This is Manhattan – boulders and hills abound in upper Manhattan

colorful berries

Colorful berries

Inwood park pathway nyc

Pathway in Inwood Park

long shadow

The low autumn sun provides long shadows. I feel so tall!


Where else do you like to look at the fall colors in NYC?

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