Love – You Can’t Always Get What You Want

February 14, 2014 23 Comments »

heart of ice

I have been fighting against the system my whole adult life. I have never bought a house/real estate, have never married, don’t have any kids, left my corporate career for something different, and don’t even have a home. I never know if I’m cursed or blessed with living a life outside the box. I was […]

My 2014 Challenge

December 31, 2013 44 Comments »

New Year challenges

Forget resolutions, give me a challenge.  There’s nothing I love more than a challenge – one that makes me slightly uneasy making me question whether I’m capable, but at the same time it excites me. It’s what I call living on the edge – the edge of butterflies and throwing up. Many of my life […]

What it’s Like to Live Nomadically for 7 Years

September 6, 2013 25 Comments »

Morning by the lake

I started my morning sitting on a lounge chair with a cup of coffee at 7am experiencing absolutely nothing. Cedar Lake was completely still. No wind, no sound, no neighbors – nothing. It’s quite a contrast from my old life – the life I left behind 7 years ago in NYC. Seven years ago I […]

Modern Family

June 20, 2013 15 Comments »

mongolia family

I look at the little square on the electronic form and my mouse hovers over the top of it. I hesitate, think about my life as a solo, independent woman, husbandless, childless, boyfriendless – and I suddenly I feel bold. A smile forms across my face and I click the mouse on the box that […]

Amusing Myself

June 18, 2013 15 Comments »

Who goes to an amusement park solo? Me. Yes – I’m a bit of a freak – but I refuse to let solo be an obstacle. There’s no better feeling than riding a roller coaster solo, or standing in line solo surrounded by young kids to ride the twister solo. Yup – that’s right – […]

Going it Alone

June 4, 2013 193 Comments »

Solo Only

  “Why don’t you just go by yourself?” Rachel asked. I let the thought sink in – my mind was swirling in confusion. My gut reaction was to provide all kinds of reasons to not go alone – who would I talk to, what’s the point, I would be lonely, what would I do by […]

Awaking a Sleeping Beast

March 14, 2013 35 Comments »


Why is it that when I meet someone – that’s when I feel most alone? The brain is a funny thing. I don’t really think about what I don’t have until it’s put in front of me and I can get a taste of it again. Then the desire to have it is all of […]

Dining in Private

February 7, 2013 15 Comments »

Ratatouille Galette

“But I don’t like to eat alone” – I hear this all the time from people who aren’t nuts about the idea of solo travel. The next comment normally is something about, “I feel weird sitting at a table by myself.” For some strange reason dining solo has never been an issue for me – […]

Traveling Solo Doesn’t Mean Solo All the Time

February 5, 2013 11 Comments »

Group dining

Sometimes I get tired of meeting people. Really tired. I feel like it’s the movie Groundhog day and I simply have gone through the same introductions for 6 years now. I know, I know – meeting people is fun. Yes – most of the time it is. But imagine the new people you may meet […]

Questioning Love

February 14, 2012 45 Comments »


I honestly have no idea what love is. I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately as one of my good friends just got married last weekend; and she waited 42 years to do so. She has been in love many times, I remember each of them. I’m really happy for her; it’s proof that […]

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