New York City

Things to do in New York City :

  • Learn about the history, culture, music and food of Harlem with a Harlem New York Gospel Tour.
  • Take in the gorgeous fall colors in the “hidden” parks of Manhattan – Fort Tyron Park and Inwood Hill Park.
  • Take a walking tour through the Lower East Side and learn about the thriving merchant community and the city’s history of immigration.
  • Visit Lincoln Center and check out the fountain, outdoor space, wading pools and sculptures, cool hi-tech steps (my favorite!) and one of the coolest outdoor park spaces I’ve ever seen.

Food in New York City :

Share a meal with a local. EatWith is an online website promoting local food experiences and offering travelers a way to build connections with their hosts and immerse themselves in the culture of the destinations.

Explore the local food scene with a Foods of NY Tour. I have participated in my share of tours around the world and this one continues to impress me.

Pictures of New York City :

From unbelievably cool architecture to the weird, wild and wacky, the sights in New York City never fail to amaze. Check out my NYC photo gallery to view the city through the lens of a local.

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“Beautiful things happen when you bring people together over food.” said Hila. We all sat at a long table with vases of fresh flowers, Billie Holiday playing in the background, and the room was softly glowing with votive candles. Another perfect foodie night out in New York City. However I wasn’t at the latest Manhattan […]