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One of my least favorite things to do is go back to a place I’ve been to before. I have had a bad case of a ‘been there, done that’ attitude my whole life. I wish I understood why, but I do know that it is something deeply rooted in my DNA. This need to do something different, learn new things, and blaze new trails is what got me to where I am today, so I can’t poo-poo it too much.

So, when I got an invite to go back to WeeCasa, a tiny house resort park in Lyons, Colorado, I was skeptical with my ‘been there, done that attitude’. However, one of the cool things about a tiny house resort is that there are 20+ tiny homes to choose from, and each one is different, so would it really be like doing the same thing…maybe not.

Weecasa tiny house resort

A Tiny House Travel Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

I had an email from Stacy, who lives in Dallas:
“I’m reaching out to you because you did a piece on WeeCasa Tiny House Resort back in June of 2017. You shared a couple of pictures of my tiny house, the Pa Dutch, in that feature and I wanted to let you know that my unit is currently in the middle of a massive renovation – it’s going to really put the GLAM in glamping – unlike any of the other tiny homes on the property.”

She went on to invite me to stay at her tiny home when it was finished this summer.

After a few more emails back and forth, I learned that Stacy is a classically trained musician who sings with the Dallas Symphony Chorus. She dabbles in photography as a hobby but makes her living as a bid and proposal writer. Apparently, her other hobby is renovating tiny houses.

tiny house remodel
The old Pa Dutch
Juniper tiny home
The all-new Juniper

I was intrigued by her background and curious about how she got into the tiny house craze. Why not go back and try out her newly renovated tiny house at WeeCasa?

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The Story of Juniper Tiny Home at WeeCasa

This is Stacy’s story of how she became a tiny homeowner (something I’ve secretly dreamed of doing myself). She sent me this in an email when she invited me – and quite frankly – she won me over.

I guess I’ll tell you the story of Juniper! I designed every aspect of the Juniper for a year before I contracted with SimBLISSity Tiny Homes to do the renovation. In fact, I prepared a 40+ slide presentation, and it didn’t scare them off! (It had scared off about four other contractors…)

I bought the tiny house, then called the PA Dutch, in the fall of 2017. I don’t know much about its origins, but I know it was built by a father and son in Maine. They brought it to Lyons and parked it at the property that is now WeeCasa, but it was a mobile home park at the time. The PA Dutch was the only home in the park to survive the massive flooding in 2015 because it was on wheels. The owner moved it to higher ground before the rain! Every other mobile home was sadly ruined or washed away in the flood.

Kenyon Waugh, CEO of WeeCasa, can tell you more about the history of WeeCasa Tiny House Resort, but I believe the survival story of the PA Dutch was, in part, what sparked his idea for a “Tiny Home on Wheels” resort.

tiny home resort Colorado

PA Dutch changed ownership a few times before I came to own it, and it just needed a lot of repairs. I loved the size, I loved the overall layout, loved the cedar siding, and most of all I loved WeeCasa – having visited as a guest twice before, although I never stayed in the PA Dutch!

I bought it nearly sight unseen, and it was probably the most reckless thing I’ve ever done!

It was dark, it had an old window unit mounted in a piece of plywood in the doorway, it was COLD in the winter, and it had numerous plumbing and electrical issues. It had a homemade Murphy bed that was falling apart and a loft you accessed from a skinny ladder and then had to shimmy into because it was so close to the ceiling. The ceiling was made in part out of corrugated plastic – the kind of stuff you would make a greenhouse out of! I was lucky that it hadn’t yet started to leak!

I spent a long time planning out the repairs and upgrades it needed: HVAC, a new door, a new bathroom, new kitchen cabinets, new flooring, tile, appliances, paint, etc.

When I contracted SimBLISSity, they were different from every other contractor I’d met with – they were EXCITED! It’s very uncommon to renovate a tiny home instead of building a new one, so most everyone couldn’t figure out why I wanted to change everything. I just did. It spoke to me, and it was special.

Three months later, including the last three days at the workshop, when I worked my tail off with the crew to touch up paint, clean everything, and set all the decor, Juniper was born. The process was not without bumps or unforeseen issues, but we rolled with it. She was a labor of love indeed. Probably the most exciting, worthwhile experience I’ve ever had.

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My Experience in the Juniper Tiny House

I set off with a girlfriend this August to go check out Stacy’s ‘labor of love’ and revisit WeeCasa. Lyons is only an 80-minute drive from Denver!

While cute, the new Juniper looked rather simple from the outside, but once we opened the door and stepped inside, we were blown away. It was light, airy, open, and welcoming. I walked around surveying every little design detail – the subway tile in the (full-sized!) shower, reclaimed wood, the long narrow window in the kitchen, and the sleek desk with a leather chair to work at. The Juniper comfortably slept four people. The loft upstairs provided room to sit up in bed comfortably and had two windows for cross ventilation in the summer. I loved the new set of stairs that were added, which also allowed plenty of space for storage.

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WeeCasa Tiny House Resort

The tiny house resort was just as cute as I remembered it. The manager walked me around some of the other homes too while I was there. That’s the fun part – seeing how different and inventive each of the designs is! I was drawn to all of the ones that SimBLISSity constructed; they had that same incredible attention to detail…and some even had a full bathtub!

They had made a few changes since I had last been at the resort, including a tiny community home with a grill, outdoor seating, and games.


One of the things I really love about the resort is that you can actually rent out the whole thing for a family reunion or wedding. Plus, they are open year-round and allow long-term rentals in the winter. I sort of fantasize about renting out the Juniper for a month in the winter and working on a book there. One day…one day…

Experience WeeCasa – the Tiny House Resort in Colorado

A Gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park

If you want to spend some time in Rocky Mountain National Park but want to escape the crowds, then using Lyons as your base is the answer. It’s only a 35-minute drive to Estes Park and probably 45 minutes to the RMNP entrance.

We drove to the park and hiked the Upper Beaver Meadows Loop. We grabbed some lunch in Estes Park and then headed to the more challenging Gem Lake hike.

Beaver Creek Trail

I like Estes, but I really love Lyons. It’s not as crowded and I love the small mountain town feel of Lyons.

Don’t Forget Lyons!

The people in this small community are interesting and friendly. Many of them aren’t actually from there, but they have adopted it as their home. In fact, for fun, you should ask a local how they ‘got there’. You’ll soon be meeting artists, musicians, boat captains, yogis, and former white-collar executives who all ended up making Lyons their home. Every person has an intriguing story to tell.

Stacy provided me with a few Lyon’s restaurant recommendations:
“The Stone Cup, just across the road, check them out for breakfast. They’re so friendly, and the coffee is good and strong! I also recommend Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ and Mojo Taqueria, which are also in Lyons. Being from Texas, I was super surprised to find good BBQ AND street tacos in Colorado.”

I also found a few places of my own, like the Spirit Hound Distillers at the edge of town. Not only does it have great gin, but the straight malt whiskey is super, too. Make sure you treat yourself to one of their cocktails! The Distillery/bar is a great place to go to meet locals and get more recommendations from ultra-friendly bartenders. Plus, if you walk to the distillery (only a mile from WeeCasa), you get a half-price drink!

In the summer months, you can also take a leisurely float down the river in Lyons. Just rent or bring your own tube and enjoy the cool, winding river. In addition, there’s plenty of good hiking also around Lyons in the canyon area that surrounds it.

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Wee Casa Tiny Home Resort

After my 2nd stay at WeeCasa, I realized it’s a place worth going back to for a tiny escape from Denver. I was so happy I went back to and experienced the all-new Juniper. In addition to Juniper, there are 20+ different tiny homes to try out – so it’s a new experience every time!

As Stacy told me, “I hope you can feel how special she (Juniper) is when you visit. She was a diamond in the rough, a survivor, and overall interesting being – just like the people of Lyons.”

WeeCasa Tips

-Book early for the summer months.
-You can book the entire resort out or just go stay in the Juniper!
-In the winter months, you can book a tiny home out for a month!

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I was a guest of WeeCasa, however all of my opinions expressed here are my own.

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