Antarctica Chronicles

The story of how a father and daughter made it to the bottom of the world, Antarctica.  Starting from Ushuaia, Argentina we spent 2 days crossing the infamous Drake Passage and 8 days cruising around Antarctica.  And if you are wondering,  “What exactly do you do on the ship all day?” then read this series as I describe the various things to do on Antarctica – including kayking with penguins, and taking a polar plunge!  Read from the beginning as we start our journey leaving South Dakota full of anticipation.

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Posts In This Series:

Antarctica Preparation and Planning

Posted by on September 25, 2012

expedition Trips

Paperwork is everywhere stacked upon the table, I’m sorting through websites and blogs to learn about Argentina, airfares, hotels, excursions, visas, and trying to locate places on maps. On top of it I’m on hold with the my insurance company to ensure I have the proper travel coverage. I hate hold music. My dad is […]

Preparing for the Passage

Posted by on November 30, 2012

photo from Expedition Trips

  We are making a list and checking it twice – but this list has nothing to do with toys, Christmas, or St. Nick. Instead this list is filled with things that we already have – but we simply need to remember to pack on our latest adventure. And as you can tell by my […]

Iguazu Falls Argentina in Photos

Posted by on December 14, 2012

Devils Throat Iguazu Falls Argentina

Iguazu Falls – it may not be the biggest, the tallest, or the most powerful – but it is the most impressive waterfall I’ve seen. And I’m someone who isn’t particularly thrilled by waterfalls – and I have no idea why.  They just don’t thrill me like a mountain does or a vast open landscape […]

Antarctica’s Winged Mascot

Posted by on January 11, 2013

If Antarctica had a mascot, it would most definitely be the penguin.  They are the main population on Antarctica, and they are damn cute.  Sure – they smell…badly – but I found the odor pretty easy to overlook in light of their general adorableness.  I personally think they could make a run to de-thrown the […]

How Cruising to Antarctica Works

Posted by on January 3, 2013

Cruising to Antarctica

I have said repeatedly that I have no interest on being on a cruise. The confinement and mode of travel just don’t fit my personality and desires. However there have always been a few exceptions to this statement – Antarctica is one of them. Cruising on an expedition style ship is really the only main […]

Icebergs and their Hidden Stories

Posted by on January 4, 2013

I was mesmerized by the icebergs in Antarctica- each unique like a snowflake.  But in addition to beautiful looks, they also had a personality which is what I think drew them to me the most. An iceberg is a large piece of freshwater ice that has broken off a glacier or an ice shelf and […]

The Oldest Ghost Town in Antarctica

Posted by on January 18, 2013

Abandoned Building Deception Island

Whale Oil was a growing industry in the early 1900’s. The oil was used in oil lamps and to make soap and margarine. Because of the demand Whaling ‘stations’ were popping up in Antarctica and one of the booming ones was at Deception Island. Deception Island was the perfect place to set up a whaling […]

5 Surprising Things You Can Do on Antarctica

Posted by on January 22, 2013

Vernadsky Base Antarctica

“Welcome to Antarctica!” the voice in front of me boomed. Surprised to hear the sentence verbalized for me, a wave of excitement rolled through my body. A hand was extended out to me and I instinctively grabbed it in the ‘sailor grip’ that we were taught on the ship. It felt like I was moving […]