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Behind the Scenes of Travel Blogging Reader Feedback

July 27, 2017 23 Comments »

travel blogging behind the scenes

Sometimes travel blogging can be a pretty isolating career. I know that sounds strange since I come in contact with so many people and places everyday when I’m traveling – but a life of constant travel also leaves me a little out of touch with real life too. One of the hardest things about running […]

How Do You Make Money Travel Blogging

April 12, 2016 22 Comments »

how to make money travel blogging

I have been blogging and traveling for nearly 10 years now and whenever I meet someone and they learn I make a living by traveling around the world blogging, they are excited and then their brow furrows in stress. It’s at this point I become a mind reader; I know what’s going through their head. […]

Eat Pray Love – A Travel Movie

August 26, 2010 9 Comments »

The movie Eat Pray Love has hit the big screens around the world (yet sadly not where I’m currently at in Belgium), however it has caused a flurry of activity in the world of travel writing as people pick apart the adaptation of the book-to-movie, Julia Roberts’ laugh/smile, and the story in general. When I […]

Travel Ink

January 2, 2009 1 Comment »

Check out my latest article written for The Indie Travel Podcast.   It’s all about the tattoos you get while traveling.  Did I get inked???  Read it and find out – Travel Ink! While you are on the Indie Travel Podcast site – browse around and check out the new design.  Craig and Linda did a […]