Embrace Winter From Above in Banff

January 1, 2017   No Comments »

Embrace Winter From Above in Banff

January 3, 2017 No Comments »

banff gondola

I don’t ski, but I want to get to the top of the mountains to see the gorgeous Banff National Park views – what’s a girl to do? Here’s the perfect non-ski Banff thing to do – ride the Banff Gondola – there’s no skiing required! So if you don’t ski, it doesn’t mean you […]

Australia from Above

August 5, 2014 14 Comments »

The first time I ever went up in a hot air balloon we had a crash landing. Ok – maybe that’s a bit melodramatic but I did end up with a bloody knee and a whole bunch of people on top of me as the basket drug along the ground. I called it a crash […]

Kauai From Above

April 11, 2014 13 Comments »

Kauai Helicopter Tour photography

Being on the ground hiking and beach-combing in Kauai is great – but nothing beats taking to the air to see this lush island in it’s entirety.  I flew doors off with Jack Harter Helicopters – the originator of helicopter tours on Kauai.  Based on the number of helicopters I saw taking off and landing […]

Hawaii From Above Photography

January 6, 2012 13 Comments »

  When I first started my career break travels in 2006, I stumbled across a photography exhibition in Melbourne Australia called The Earth From Above; aerial photography from all over the world.  I fell in love with it immediately; it provided such a unique perspective that few people get to see.  The exhibit inspired me […]

The Big Island from Above

January 5, 2012 12 Comments »

Big Island

After driving around the entire Big Island for a week I could appreciate the diversity of landscapes, however today is when the all of the puzzle pieces come together. The lava field piece connects with the rainforest piece. The brown desert piece connects to the turquoise waters of the coast. The towering mountains connecta with […]

18 Things to do in Anchorage in Winter or Summer

March 24, 2021 4 Comments »

Anchorage tour day trips

Anchorage is the biggest city in the state (population 282,000) and has the largest airport in the state. So when you visit Alaska, you’ll likely end up spending some time there at some point. It’s a great jumping off point for your Alaska travels and I like to use it as a hub for adventure […]

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