Getting Schooled in the Kitchen

May 5, 2015 3 Comments »

Why does it always look so easy when you watch it on the Food Network? Hell, those chefs can whip up a whole dinner in 30 minutes while talking to a camera and not one swear word comes out of their mouth. How is that possible? For the first time in years, I had my […]

Giving Thanks for Beds

November 26, 2014 14 Comments »

Waikiki penthouse

Someone just hit the power button to my brain and my mind flickers on and boots up for a moment at 3:43AM. I feel uneasy, confused, panicked. I open my eyes to inky darkness. I can’t see. My mind races like it’s an Indy car going from 0 to 60 mph in 2 seconds. I’m […]

Home Sweet #Room753

June 17, 2014 4 Comments »


It has sunk in this morning, hitting me like the big waves that I’ve been staring at on the beach. This is the first time in 2 ½ months that I’ve had a chance to sit and just reflect; to meditate on life a bit. As the waves rush in, the white water drowns my […]

Sleeping Around in 2013

November 28, 2013 10 Comments »


I walked away from the homeless man on the street in Inwood as he asked me for money and one thought ran through my mind – “How am I any different than him?” We are both homeless. We both make little money and survive under the poverty line. But why am I staying in an […]

What it’s Like to Live Nomadically for 7 Years

September 6, 2013 25 Comments »

Morning by the lake

I started my morning sitting on a lounge chair with a cup of coffee at 7am experiencing absolutely nothing. Cedar Lake was completely still. No wind, no sound, no neighbors – nothing. It’s quite a contrast from my old life – the life I left behind 7 years ago in NYC. Seven years ago I […]

The Era of the New Nomad

February 28, 2013 14 Comments »

New Nomads

Back in 2013 a new kind of traveler was emerging. They left their safe and settled lifestyles, to travel the world – indefinitely. And I was a part of this new nomadic travel. However, quite frankly, even in 2013, it didn’t feel too ‘new’ to me – I had been living like this moving around […]

Address Required

December 13, 2012 9 Comments »

My mailbox

I turned onto the gravel covered Main Street and thought – technically – this is my home. There is an unpaved street called Main Street, a bar, a restaurant, a few prefab homes, railroad tracks, and a rundown playground that could use a new coat of paint. There’s not even a church or a school […]

Couchsurfing Regrets

October 12, 2010 63 Comments »

I live my life very deliberately – and I have very few regrets. In fact, my regrets are the usual…I wish I would have kept up my violin skills, I wish I would have learned how to ski at a young age, and I really regret I didn’t learn a language in college. But now […]

The Ecstasy of Unpacking

June 8, 2010 13 Comments »

When I meet people, I live in fear of people asking me ‘the’ question; but eventually after some small talk, the question always comes. “Where do you live?” It’s an innocent question, but it throws me every time. I normally look at the person and size them up before I answer. I try to determine […]