Getting Schooled in the Kitchen

May 5, 2015 3 Comments »

Why does it always look so easy when you watch it on the Food Network? Hell, those chefs can whip up a whole dinner in 30 minutes while talking to a camera and not one swear word comes out of their mouth. How is that possible? For the first time in years I had my […]

Giving Thanks for Beds

November 26, 2014 14 Comments »

Waikiki penthouse

Someone just hit the power button to my brain and my mind flickers on and boots up for a moment at 3:43AM. I feel uneasy, confused, panicked. I open my eyes to inky darkness. I can’t see. My mind races like it’s an Indy car going from 0 to 60 mph in 2 seconds. I’m […]

Eight Years of Wandering

September 8, 2014 16 Comments »

Today – September 8, 2014 marks 8 full years of wandering the globe nomadically for me.  It’s a special day that I like to stop and think about where I’ve come, how I’ve changed, and where I’m going.  However I’m not going to reflect upon that here as it all needs time to resonate.  Instead […]

5 Essential Tools to Doing Business While Traveling

August 12, 2014 14 Comments »

best office ever

Digital nomad, blogger without a home, location independent, homeless – I don’t really care what you call me as long as you don’t call me a hippie or lazy.  I’m quickly approaching 8 years of being a nomadic entrepreneur – which means I work as I move around the globe.  This constant state of motion […]

Home Sweet #Room753

June 17, 2014 4 Comments »


It has sunk in this morning, hitting me like the big waves that I’ve been staring at on the beach. This is the first time in 2 ½ months that I’ve had a chance to sit and just reflect; to meditate on life a bit. As the waves rush in, the white water drowns my […]

Sleeping Around in 2013

November 28, 2013 10 Comments »


I walked away from the homeless man on the street in Inwood as he asked me for money and one thought ran through my mind – “How am I any different than him?” We are both homeless. We both make little money and survive under the poverty line. But why am I staying in an […]

What it’s Like to Live Nomadically for 7 Years

September 6, 2013 25 Comments »

Morning by the lake

I started my morning sitting on a lounge chair with a cup of coffee at 7am experiencing absolutely nothing. Cedar Lake was completely still. No wind, no sound, no neighbors – nothing. It’s quite a contrast from my old life – the life I left behind 7 years ago in NYC. Seven years ago I […]

Girlfriend Getaway Month

May 7, 2013 5 Comments »


“What – you’ve never heard someone make trumpet sounds out of the side of their mouth before?” She said with an accusing tone. “Um…no” I answered – and then smiled and went back to working on my writing. However at this point I was distracted with thoughts of the silly Lisa Lubin and her trumpet […]

Lean On…Others

April 22, 2013 3 Comments »

Thank you

There are days where it sweeps over me like the fog that rolls over the hills in San Francisco slowly devouring the landscape. Gratitude. It should be a positive feeling – but at times for me it’s a heavy feeling. It’s so heavy that it pushes my shoulders down planting my feet firmer on the […]

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