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Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go

November 7, 2017 30 Comments »

letting go of pets

When I saw the email from Linda, my heart sank. I opened it trepidatiously and read the first sentence…. “Not sure how to transition to this, but I think Kitty might be nearing the end.” Immediately tears welled up in my eyes, my chest tightened and tears started flowing. I have no idea what came […]

My Move To Denver from Nomad to Normal

August 11, 2017 25 Comments »

moving to denver colorado

I was daydreaming at 30,000 feet, thinking about my apartment, my bed, what I had in my refrigerator, my yoga mat, and what I was going to have for breakfast while listening to NPR tomorrow morning at my table. I was daydreaming about going home and the little routine I had established in Denver. I […]

Why My Nomadic Lifestyle Comes To an End

June 8, 2017 118 Comments »


I stood at the little box that read “Applications and Deposits” and stared at it for a while. Am I really going to do this? Sometimes all you need is a good slap in the face, to remember to not spiral into an abyss of self-doubt. I’ve been on that edge of self-doubt, depression, and […]

Giving Thanks for Beds…and Getting Tired of Not Having One

November 21, 2016 13 Comments »

thanks for beds

“Where do you live,” she asked. “Well, that’s complicated,” I said with a sigh. I had been through this conversation so many times before I was on autopilot. “I don’t have a home, I’m nomadic. I’m just visiting my parents for the Thanksgiving holiday, but I don’t live here,” I answered. I could see the […]

10 Questions on 10 Years of Travel

September 6, 2016 24 Comments »

constant travel

I see people’s faces light up as if I’ve just offered them free ice cream for life when I tell them what I do for a living and describe how I got to this point. Sometimes, there’s even an audible gasp because I probably have the most enviable job in the world. I introduce myself […]

How Do You Make Money Travel Blogging

April 12, 2016 22 Comments »

how to make money travel blogging

I have been blogging and traveling for nearly 10 years now and whenever I meet someone and they learn I make a living by traveling around the world blogging, they are excited and then their brow furrows in stress. It’s at this point I become a mind reader; I know what’s going through their head. […]

How I Choose Travel Destinations For the Year

January 14, 2016 22 Comments »

travel destinations

It’s a beautiful thing when you have complete control of your life, and you don’t have to commute to work and report to an office every day. In fact, I’ve been living this location-independent life for so long now that I forget how fortunate I am. I can never take this gift of motion and […]

Giving Thanks for Beds

November 25, 2015 8 Comments »

The day is over; you’ve worked hard, played hard, and maybe even had a little wine with friends. You go through your nightly ritual of brushing your teeth and washing your face, and then comes the moment – the moment when you get to lie down in your bed. Our beds are one of the […]

The Fear of Being Still

October 29, 2015 5 Comments »

wrangel island abandoned

“Welcome back,” he said to me as I hear the familiar sound of my passport being stamped. I smile genuinely and say thank you. A little burst of happiness goes through my body and sort of wakes me up from the 9 hour flight from Berlin. I know people say that the U.S. immigration can […]

This is Me After 9 Years of Living Out of a Suitcase

September 8, 2015 35 Comments »

I’m having this weird unsettling feeling that I don’t know where I am. As I’m walking around the airport, something happens, and my brain races to try to figure out my whereabouts – narrowing it from continent to country to city. This is all brought on by the fact that in the last two days, […]