How to Save Money With Turo Local Car Rental

June 20, 2017 12 Comments »

Turo local car rental

It’s one of the earliest lessons we learn as a toddler. The seed is planted and it grows as we grow; it’s one of the most powerful things we as human being can do. Share. I am a complete believer in the sharing economy, and an avid user. The sharing economy has made my long-time […]

3 Unusual Ways to Experience the NYC Art Scene

July 5, 2016 1 Comment »

New York City is one of the most artistic cities in the world, and I’m continuously amazed at all of the artistic events, places, and people the city is filled with. Prior to moving to New York City, I didn’t really have an intense appreciation for the arts, but it’s impossible not to get caught […]

8 Things You Think About When Hiking With Your Father

June 16, 2016 15 Comments »

cami de ronda father daughter

“I don’t know how you travel with dad, I don’t think I could do it,” my siblings often mention to me. We all have distinct memories of growing up and my father being the ‘leader’ of the family and family trips. He was the one who made all the decisions and ultimately the family dictator. […]

Sharing the Gift of Travel

May 26, 2016 3 Comments »

One of the most rewarding types of travel and writing I do is traveling with my nieces as part of the Niece Project. It’s not simply about building important relationships with my nieces or being a travel mentor to them; it’s about inspiring other Aunts and Uncles to do the same. Every year that I […]

Remote Living and Traveling in McCarthy Alaska

April 28, 2016 15 Comments »

McCarthy Alaska

“We don’t have electrical plugs in the room to stay true to the history of Ma Johnson’s, but also because we think it makes people more social to sit in the common area and interact,” she said as she showed me around the lobby and headed towards my reserved room. The place felt a bit […]

A Museum Tour for Those Who Don’t Like Museums

April 21, 2016 5 Comments »

I gather in a circle of people with my hand placed in the middle on top of strangers’ hands. In unison we let out a group cheer “Mu—-Seum!” we yell in our soft ‘museum voices’ as we lift our hands in the air in unison. It’s a Friday night when I meet this group of […]

Sleeping with Truckers

March 31, 2016 6 Comments »

Coldfoot Alaska truckstop

I survey my surroundings; the room feels like a patchwork quilt of cheap wood paneling, rusted metal, exposed florescent lighting, particleboard walls, and industrial carpet.  I can’t really expect much more when you are essentially staying in a truck stop above the Artic Circle. This is one of these times when it’s REALLY about the […]

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