A Chat About Women’s Adventure Travel

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A Chat About Women’s Adventure Travel

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I co-host a live Twitter Chat on Adventure Travel so that I can continue to get great ideas on adventures to take around the world…and share a few of my own. I Co-host with two other adventurous women, Nellie of Wild Junket and Laurel of Monkeys and Mountains, and occasionally we have ‘special guests’. This week our topic was all about Women’s Adventure Travel with our sponsor @MoonGuides – a great set of guidebooks to use for planning your next big trip!

This week I learned about new female-centric travel products, women’s tours, safety tips, and more. See for yourself in the answers below! It was a fun chat since Moon Travel Guides had many of the female authors attend the chat too – so they had some great ideas to share! If you are looking for female travel inspiration? Read more stories from women writers in Moon Guide’s newsletter! Sign up: moon.com/follow

If you don’t know what a Twitter Chat is, let’s just say that it’s a fast paced hour of live questions and answers on Twitter. This is not for the single threaded person, or the slow typist! If you are looking for some ideas for planning a women’s adventure trip, here’s some of our favorite ideas and answers from the chat earlier this week.

And don’t forget to join us in our next Adventure Travel Twitter Chat – they happen every Wednesday at 1PM Eastern time and last for an hour. Join in the conversation by following #AdvTravelChat!

Recap of Women’s Adventure Travel Twitter Chat


Q1. Welcome to #AdvTravelChat! We’re talking women adventure #travel! What’s your favourite thing about traveling as a woman?
Q2. How do you think traveling as a woman is different? Are there any precautions we need to take or destinations to avoid?
Q3. As a woman, do you travel solo? What inspired you to take your first trip?
Q4. Tell us about the last time you traveled on a women’s interest trip!
Q5. What do you think are some of the best adventure destinations for women travelers?
Q6. What’s your #1 safety tip for female travelers?
Q7. What essential gear do you recommend other female travelers to bring on the road?
Q8. Where do you look for tips or inspiration that are specific to women when researching for an upcoming trip?
Q9. What is one place you’d love to visit as a female adventure traveler?
Q10. Share a photo of yourself traveling solo or with other women!


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