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November 29, 2012 2 Comments »

rome water fountain

Public water fountains line the streets in Rome and provide fresh drinking water to all

Get water on your mind – that’s what the founders, participants, and sponsors of Passports with Purpose want you to think about for the next 15 days – water.  Bubbling, cool, refreshing, safe, water.  As I travel I deal with it frequently – the question of water safety.  Traveling abroad is a constant reminder of how lucky we are in the US to have clean, drinkable water in abundance.

Holiday Giving Back

Passports with Purpose raises thousands of dollars each December as they partner with travel bloggers and travel industry leaders to host a large online raffle fundraiser; giving away amazing travel prizes for the small price of a $10 raffle ticket. The last few years they raised enough money to build a school in Cambodia, a build a village in India, and libraries in Zambia!  This year it’s all about giving people access to clean water and building wells in Haiti.

 The goal is to raise $100,000 in 15 days through the travel bloggers who secured prizes from travel businesses. It’s really a wonderful way for the whole online travel industry to work together to improve the world in which we travel and do business.

Why should you care?

You should care because I’ve secured a kick ass travel prize from one of my favorite European travel companies – Go With Oh! In short, I can make your Europe travels this year cheaper and more rewarding!

Ottsworld and Go with Oh! is providing Passports with Purpose an amazing prize to raffle off:

For a mere $10, you can enter to win a $500 voucher for an apartment stay in Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Florence, Vienna, Lodon, Prague, Venice, or Berlin any time in 2013! The voucher will provide you with an approximate 2-3 night stay for 2 people in one of these historical cities.*

As you do your holiday spending this coming month, take a moment to think about your future travels and consider helping provide fresh water to Haiti. It’s a mere $10, such a small amount to make such a large impact.

Click here to Enter the Passports with Purpose Raffle Fundraiser now!

To get you in the mode of thinking about water – I decided to bring you some of my favorite photography from my travels of water.  As you browse through the photography – please keep this in mind:

“Ready access to clean water has so many positive ripple effects. That’s why when a community drills a well, they aren’t just drilling for water. They’re drilling for opportunity: for the opportunity to go to school, for the opportunity to go to work, and for the opportunity to be healthy.” –Nicole Wickenhauser Senior Developement Manager of Water.org 

waterfall Lombok indonesia

A swimming hole in Lombok Indonesia

rice field planting Philippines

Planting rice in water filled terraces in Banaue Philippines

boat racing mekong river laos

A boat racing team prepares for their next race in the Mekong River in Laos

Riding motorbikes in flooded streets ho chi minh city vietnam

A little water doesn’t stop them in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

View from a gondola in Venice

The gondola perspective in water filled Venice Italy

Gathering water in the gobi desert

A young boy gathers water from an underground well in the Gobi Desert Mongolia

floating marketing vendor Mekong Delta Vietnam

A floating market vendor in Mekong Delta Vietnam where every day is lived on the water

grand canyon water erosion

The most powerful water of all – the Colorado River – formed the stunning Grand Canyon

A monk cools off in the Mekong

A monk cools off in the Mekong in Laos

morning dew provides hydration for plants in Connecticut

Morning dew provides hydration for plants/trees in Connecticut

A Himalayan lake in Nepal

A Himalayan lake in Nepal along the Annapurna Circuit

sri lankans take a sacred shower before climbing Adam's Peak

Sri Lankans take a sacred shower before climbing Adam’s Peak

A huge thanks to Go With Oh!  for donating the prize on behalf of Ottsworld. I have had the pleasure of working with them this year and am proud to continue this great partnership, and am thrilled to call them my friends!  If you are planning travel to Europe this year – you must check them out for your Europe apartment rental!

*Prize Exemptions, Conditions and Expiration Date: All stays are subject to availability and must be completed by 5 January 2014. The booking must be made on www.GowithOh.com or any of the Open House Group websites (http://www.openhousegroup.com/en/destinations/).


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