Water, Rickshaws, and Win Fab Travel Prizes

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street vendors India

Ordering a salty lemon drink on the beach in India

“I’ll have a salty lemon drink.” I said to the Indian man on the beach. He had his vending set up on a wobbly table that was bowed in the middle from the weight of the various jars of pickled things he had on his table for sale. I watched as he took a glass dipped it in a bucket of water on the ground and then proceeded to make the drinks we ordered. I stared at the droplets of water on the glass, my mind and stomach well aware of the risk of those droplets.

Ever since I set foot in India two weeks ago water has been on my mind. I left my easy western existence behind and now have entered a world where every drop of water is suspect and valued. I am constantly hording my bottles of water like it is a commodity. When you travel like this no drop goes wasted. Charlie and I have arrived in India for our 2000 mile pan Indian adventure in a Rickshaw and are happy we have a couple of weeks for our minds and bodies to adjust to India before we start the race next Sunday April 6th. Our first two weeks have meant a lot of time in the bathroom as our bodies adjust to the new bacteria and environment. As our bodies rebel we have laughed and winced about it; leaving us questioning why we are here putting ourselves through this.

clean water india

A woman gathers water for the morning in the Kerala Backwaters


However, I am reminded of our purpose daily as I watch as locals gather in the morning around a public tap that provides safe drinking water for the little Kerala Backwater village near where we are staying. They fill their pots and jerry cans and walk it a short ways back to their homes multiple times a day. They are the lucky ones.

Our main purpose is to raise money for charity: water and clean water solutions around the world. Our secondary purpose it to have a mind blowing adventure on a Rickshaw. The great news is that we are getting close to both of these goals!

Getting Close to our $15,000 Fundraising Goal

I never thought I would say it – but we are damn close to reaching out goal of $15,000 thanks to a huge donation made by Iolani School this week. The school where I taught /lectured in February put together a fundraiser to help us raise money for clean water. Two 7th grade geography classes held a water themed swim-a-thon and got pledges from people for each lap the swam. I was stunned to find out that their efforts raised nearly $5000. They must be fish! Charlie and I can’t thank the kids enough for their support and hard work they put in towards water!

With the Iolani donation and our $900 raised for the Rickshaw Run charity, Cool Earth, this puts us near $13,500 raised so far! We only have $1500 to go and we are now as fired up and determined as ever to get there!

I’m asking you to help us reach our goal and bring clean water to people in need around the globe – BUT this time I have something for you in return. We have partnered with Intrepid Travel and Urban Adventures, Telecom Square Mobile Internet Solutions, AFAR Magazine, and Small Car Big City to provide you a chance to win some great travel prizes while we are out driving a rickshaw the length of India.

Donate & You Can Win Travel Prizes:

raffle collage

Win Travel Prizes

The raffle runs through the timeframe of our Rickshaw Run April 1st through April 22nd . We will choose 4 winners from the entries for the 4 prizes. There are only two mandatory things you have to do to enter  – like our Facebook pages (where we will be sharing our Rickshaw Adventures real time this month) and the rest are optional things that will increase your chances of winning.  There are many ways to enter (see below) and you can ‘earn’ up to 16 entries by doing all of the items below.

However – please keep in mind – our purpose is to raise money for charity: water and meet our ambitious fundraising goal – so to have the best odds of winning any of these 4 prizes you will need to donate SOMETHING…ANYTHING to our Rickshaw Run charity: water campaign and fill out the necessary information on the raffle to count your TEN entries! Even donating $1 is good for 10 entries. But come on – don’t be stingy…donate $100!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Remember –we are risking life and limb out here on the Indian roads, so when we finish the race in Shillong – I expect to see this raffle filled with entries AND our charity fundraising goal met! Please help us make that happen!

Prize Details:

Urban Adventures Voucher for 2 – The day tour with a difference! In just a few hours you can get under the skin of the city you’re visiting – so you know it like a local. In fact many of our travelers are locals – seeing their own city in a different way! So whether it’s your first time, or your hundredth, we’re confident that Urban Adventures will open up a whole new dimension on many of your favorite cities around the world.  Destinations worldwide – Bangkok, Sydney, Delhi, Hanoi, Rio, Hong Kong, Istanbul and MANY more!
We just took a great food tour with Urban Adventures in Kochi (see yummy pics here) to get acquainted with the city

Telecom Square Mobile Internet Voucher – Get reliable, and hassle free internet abroad! Save money on data while traveling by using TelecomSquare mobile internet hotspot devices for your next trip. You’ll enjoy unlimited wireless internet access for up to 5 devices, everywhere you go. We are using our Mifi device to stay connected during the Rickshaw Run!

London’s Small Car Bit City Voucher – smallcarBIGCITY have a fleet of beautifully restored vintage Mini Coopers to take you down all of the little back streets and show off London’s hidden gems for the ultimate guided tour of London!

AFAR Magazine Subscription Get inspired with beautifully told travel stories and photography in this award winning travel magazine. I am an AFAR Ambassador and have worked with AFAR in various capacities – and I’m thrilled to share them with you to inspire your next travels!

A huge thanks to our biggest donors so far:

Adventure Life Travel





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