Travel Tips Bring Clean Water

May 24, 2010 6 Comments »

Clean Water - a privilege in most countries

America is easy…yes…easy.  I think about this every night when I brush my teeth.  I run water from the tap over my toothbrush and rinse.  I never have to worry about the tap water I’m using.  This is a far cry from Vietnam where I lived last year.  I became so accustomed to brushing my teeth with bottled water that when I arrived back in America it felt practically ‘illegal’ to use the tap water to brush my teeth.  I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was doing something wrong.

The water hardships are never ending while traveling.  While living/volunteering in India we were subject to water rationing, and couldn’t use water for certain hours of the day.  We’d have to keep water in a bucket for those hours and use it only when needed.  In Nepal I had to have my water boiled before I could drink it.  In Mongolia there was no water, so we drank goat milk.

When you live in a country without a good supply of safe water, then it turns from a hardship to a potential cause of death.

Travel Tips = Clean Water

Starting with just one blog post back in November 2009, the Travel Secrets project spread quickly with 200 amazing travel bloggers revealing their most closely guarded travel secrets.  The secrets were too good not to share! So Tripbase compiled all 500 of them into a series of inspirational travel eBooks, available for free download right now!

From secluded beaches to bargain hotels, exotic foods and expert travel tips, this wealth of insider travel knowledge is available now, absolutely free!

The Cause

For every person that downloads a Travel Secrets eBook Tripbase will make a $1 donation to the fantastic cause, Charity: Water.

Our mission: to help bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

Our campaign target: to build 4 freshwater wells, providing clean water for an entire school for the next 20 years.

How it works

You, the avid Ottsworld travel reader, get a FREE ebook with travel tips from the best travel bloggers across the net (including me!).  When you download the FREE ebook, Tripbase will donate $1 to the clean water project.  Simple.  YOU click, YOU download, YOU get great travel tips, YOU help bring safe drinking water to the world.

Click away so that others can drink away!

I’ve helped, please help too
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