Can I Help Plan Your Next Vacation?

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Clicking through link after link after link searching for that nugget of travel inspiration you need?  Getting lost in the deep, dark hole of Trip Advisor  reviews ping ponging back and forth – book it, don’t book it, book it, ewwww…don’t book it! Going to tons of travel websites and brochures that basically say, “Trust us, we are awesome and you should travel with us”.  How do you choose, who do you trust?

Never fear!  I’m here to help!  Now if I only had a superhero suit this would be an awesome entrance.  Ohhhh…AND an invisible jet…that would be really cool.

Oops…I digress.

Ok – yes this is completely silly, but honestly as a traveler myself who is always on the road and trying to plan the logistics of my next trip,  I go through this stuff too.  However, I do have nearly 9 years of full time travel experience under my {superhero} belt now, as well as 63 countries, and all 7 continents; my passport is fat. I have way too much travel information floating around in this head of mine and it’s dying to get out.  I suppose that’s why I blog.  But I’ve also been asked by a number of people if I would simply sit and talk with them or personally answer questions and help people decide where to go and what to do.

Travel Connections

Sherry Russ Sri Lanka 1500

Russ and me at Sigiriya in Sri Lanka

A few years back, after attending a Meet, Plan, Go event in Boston, one of the attendees reached out to pick my brain a bit more about taking a career break. Shortly after the event, he decided to quit his job and take some time off to travel. (Yay!) We connected when we were both back in Minnesota before he headed out on his trip, and our travel paths crossed in Sri Lanka and again in Spain later in the year.

Throughout his journey, Russ reached out to bloggers, writers and other travelers to get advice and recommendations as he visited each country. Despite stepping back into the working world since his trip ended, his passion for travel hasn’t faded and this week he’s launching a new startup called

Do you need help planning your next vacation or big escape?

Blog post Image option 2

The idea is to connect travelers directly with professional writers and bloggers (like me!) who are experts on a specific place or an activity. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of taking a foodie’s run through Paris, want to hike the Camino de Santiago, or are planning to reconnect with friends on a road trip through Argentina. Whatever it is, you have specific needs and questions about where you’re going and you don’t want to miss the best of what’s out there.

I often get questions from readers and try my best to answer as many as I can, but, with a service like this, I can make sure I’m able to give you the help you need for your next adventure. lets you book time (via chat, phone or video) with travel experts (me!) so we can give you insider advice, answer your questions and help you plan your ideal vacation. Time can be booked in 15 minute blocks, with most people buying 30 minutes for $50.

What do you want to ask?

I can assist with about any travel topic/question and most destinations, however you can think beyond that and also ask bigger questions like:

  • How to do the Camino de Santiago Hike
  • Should I take on the Mongol Rally
  • How to find local experiences when you travel
  • Solo travel safety and tips
  • How to quit your job and travel long term
  • How to decide where to go on a RTW trip
  • How to find volunteering programs that fit your style
  • How to travel with purpose
  • Find an epic trip to take that will make your friends gasp
  • How to figure out where to go for that big anniversary/birthday/girlfriend trip/niece trip

Russ and his team launched their Beta this week and I’m excited to be one of their experts-in-residence. Plus, I’m really excited to be helping out a friend and career break veteran! Sadly, they didn’t give me a superhero costume though.

Sign up today and we’ll make sure to get you scheduled for an appointment with me. I’ve already talked to a few people and it’s been great helping them with their trips  a- I love connecting with people outside this blog!Sherry-Button

Check out for more info and I look forward to meeting you and helping plan your next big trip!


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