Travel in Style and Save the Environment

June 28, 2010 3 Comments »

Is your travel gear hurting the environment?

Next time you are in line at airport security take a look around you.  How many people have those little zip lock bags with their fluids tightly tucked away inside?  Are YOU carrying a zip lock bag?  Do you keep the plastic bag and reuse it after the trip, or do you throw it away and use a new one for your next trip?  If you are like most travelers, you probably discard it and get another for your next trip.

CAMENAE Travel Clutch - Stylish AND kind to Mother Nature!

It’s bad enough that oil is still gushing in the Gulf, however you can do your small part for Mother Nature when you travel; throw away those zip lock bags once and for all!  Instead, consider using a durable carry-on for your liquids; a CAMENAE Travel clutch.

Designed to FAA/TSA flight carry-on security regulations – so you no longer have to use and throw away zip lock bags!

Lady Luck meets Mother Nature!

Briefcase to Backpack is giving you the chance to win your own CAMENAE Travel Clutch this week!  Go to Briefcase to Backpack to enter, read the simple entry requirements, enter before July 5th, and hope that Lady Luck is on your side.

I have been working as a consultant for CAMENAE for the past 2 years, so yes, my opinion is probably biased, however that doesn’t change the fact that eliminating plastic bag usage is the right environmentally friendly thing to do.  However you choose to do it is fine with me, I’m merely providing you a suggestion…and a chance to win a FREE one!

Read the Briefcase to Backpack story of how I found my CAMENAE consulting job while traveling around the world on a career break.

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