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October 19, 2012 18 Comments »

toilet with a view in Western Mongolia

A Mongolian toilet with a view…the classic hole in the ground…but at least you have some privacy!

It’s the one thing we all have in common around this globe…when you gotta go, you gotta go.  You’ll find toilets in some of the strangest places around the globe.  I personally find amusement and intrigue in the mundane – it’s one of my favorite things about travel.  While looking through my photo albums recently, I realized that I had many, many photos of toilets.  Yes toilets around the globe.

Apparently toilets catch my photographic eye.  However it’s not necessarily that they make great photography, I capture them because I’m intrigued by the differences throughout the world – squatty potties, drop toilet, high tech toilets, western toilets.  And I’m even more intrigued on how my definition of a ‘good’ toilet evolves and changes as I travel.

Here are a few of my favorite places to ‘go’.

outhouse in Nepal

The outdoor toilet at my guest house in Puma, Nepal

cardboard toilet

Cardboard toilet ‘used’ in the Mongol Rally

High tech toilet

High tech toilet instructions in Japan

toilet danger

Dangerous toilets in Santorini Greece

toilet above the clouds on Kilimanjaro

A drop toilet perched above the clouds on Kilimanjaro

toilet anywhere

Anywhere can be a toilet with a pashmina! Dequin China

building toilets in nepal

Building toilets in Nepal

squatty potty meets western toilet

Cultures colide – east meets west! Found in a airplane bathroom.

homemade toilet

A ‘homemade’ toilet in Russia

No toilet needed - Vietnam

No toilet needed in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

portable toilets Spain

Portable toilets in Spain

happy toilet

Happy to see the happy toilet in Sri Lanka

Want more toilets?  Then check out Lisa Lubin’s post about Foreign Bathroom Plumbing Oddities

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