Terelj Park Mongolia – Photo of the Week

February 3, 2012 17 Comments »

mongolian boy

Mongolian boy in Terelj Park

One of the best things about doing a Ger to Ger trip in Mongolia is that you get full access to the families and the culture.  You learn, you communicate, your spread knowledge and understanding.  I have another ulterior motive though – staying with families in their gers give you great access for photography.  The families are always eager to show you their lives and share and they do love to have their photos taken.  Whenever I return to Ulaanbaatar after a Ger to Ger trip I always get the family photos reprinted and then take them back to the Ger to Ger office so that they can send them to the families.  Each family I visited has a great photo album of images tourists/guests have sent them.  I’m simply happy to be a part of that process of providing them some memories that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

May latest Ger to Ger trip to Terelj Park in Mongolia yielded these results.  It’s good to know that these same pictures are safely tucked away in a book in their ger which they will show off to other visitors – sort of like the circle of life.

Where do you go to find authentic travel and great photos ops?

To purchase any of these photos, simply click on the image for more information.

mongolian men and ger

Men relax outside their ger

tree terelj park

A lone tree in Terelj Park at sunset


Brothers hold tight

mongolian horse

Horses tethered in the park


Sewing inside a ger

ox and tree

Ox and tree

boys and kitten

Cuddling kitten

ger terelj park

Ger in Terelj Park

mongolia booz

Making booz

ovoo mongolia

Mongolian Ovoo (sacred place)


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