Week In-stagram Review Feeling Blue

April 3, 2015 5 Comments »

This week I’m feeling blue, I did a little look at my Instagram porfolio from the last week and realized that everything had a blue tint to it.  No, my photo editing hasn’t gone wonky, my last week actually was very blue…really.  I did a little time travel and jumped fast forward a day and landed in Sydney with my good friend Charlie.  Last fall I won a trip for two to Australia’s Blue Mountains at the Adventure Travel World Summit.  Yes – I’m one lucky chick sometimes.

The next day I found myself out on the blue waters of Sydney Harbor sailing an American’s Cup class boat  – because yes, my life is charmed.  I was writing a review for Viator Travel and jumped at the chance to learn a bit about yacht racing in Sydney Harbor.  Basically I learned not to fall in.

Since I had experienced the sea, now it was time to experience the mountains.  A short 2 hour drive outside of Sydney is the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area  – 2.4 million acres of mountains, cliffs, caves, and Eucalyptus trees.  We stayed in the town of Katoomba at the oldest hotel in the area, the Carrington, which opened it’s doors way back in 1883.  Our week was filled with great hikes, and new adventures in the Blue Mountains parks.  And yes, the blue mountains are really blue as evidenced by the images below.  We tried canyoning and abseiling for the first time which leads me to the biggest accomplishment of the week – abseiling down a 80 waterfall.  As I peered over the edge, I about cried, but thankfully our guide, Tim, knew just what to say to get me down that waterfall.  My week of Instagram adventures went from Sydney to Blue Mountains – from blue skies, to blue waters, to blue mountains, to blue waterfalls – sometimes feeling blue is a good thing!


sydney harbor bridge opera house

Guess where I am this week!

Sailing Sydney Harbor

This is one serious adventure! Racing today on an American Cup class boat in the #Sydney Harbor. And no I didn’t fall in even while taking photos! This dream come true was made possible because I won a trip via @adventuretweets at the Adventure Travel World Summit! I found this awesome @ViatorTravel Harbor tour and BOOM – adventure accomplished!

Sydney skyline moon

A sliver moon above #Sydney – the night is young!

Three Sisters Blue Mountains

“It looks like the Grand Canyon but with trees” this was my first reaction to seeing the Blue Mountains in #newsouthwales Australia.

Why are blue mountains blue

Why are the #BlueMountains in Australia blue? They are given that name due to the blue haze that hovers above them. It is an area renowned for spectacular scenery, plant and wildlife and densely populated forests of oil bearing Eucalyptus trees. Thus, it is commonly believed that the blue haze blanketing the mountains is created by the atmosphere whereby dispersed droplets of Eucalypt oil combine with dust particles and water vapor to scatter refracted rays of light which are largely blue in color.

Carrington Hotel Blue Mountains

In the parlor, the butler, with a candlestick. Love the old feel of the Carrington – the Blue Mountains oldest hotel.

Blue Mountains abseling

Learning to abseil today in the Blue Mountains. There are tons of great canyons and cliffs that you can dangle off if here! #newsouthwales

Canyoning blue mountains

My first time canyoning was chilly but oh so much fun. Its like a waterpark but no manufactured experiences here – this is the real thing! Sliding down rocks, slithering through crevaces, jumping into pools, all in a stunning lush narrow canyon. Blue Mountains Adventure Company runs tours for beginners to advanced. #Australia #newsouthwales

Blue Mountains

Tourist spotting in the Blue Mountains. All of the people tend to congregate at the lookouts, however I enjoyed hiking the trails on the ridge and below instead. Thats the quickest way to get rid of the looky-loos carrying selfie sticks!

Repelling a waterfall blue mountains

He said “Think like a guy – and just dont think.” And with that over the ledge of Empress Falls we went one by one. 80 ft repel with pounding water – I gave myself a pep talk the whole way down. When I landed in the waterfall and looked up from where I came thats when I could breathe in the pure joy.

Blue Mountains Kanangra Walls

I love lunch spots like this. It just reinforces why I left my corporate American cube. Bushwalking the Kanangra Walls trail in the Blue Mountains today.


What is Week In-Stagram Review?

Each week brings some new scenery and location for me – that’s just the way I like it. If you want to follow where I am real time – then on Friday I will post some of my Instagram photos from the current week. Some weeks I may be traveling somewhere exotic, and some weeks it may be less interesting – but it will give you a peek into my life of perpetual motion.


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