Sullivan Bay in Photos

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Sullivan Bay BC Canada

The colorful rooftops of Sullivan Bay buildings reflected in the water

“See you next year” Fraser yells as he backs out our boat from the dock and waves to the man on the dock. You can tell they’ve known each other for years. This is the last day the little floating village of Sullivan Bay is operating for the season. They are all packed up and ready to go for the winter. This little community of 40 to 60 people started back in 1929 as a provisioning base for the Great Bear Rainforest area of BC and still serves as that, but it’s a bit more modern now. It has about 10 colorful houses built on floating platforms, a general store, gas station, a mechanic, laundry mat an airport, and surprisingly a par 1 golf tee. The general store has an air horn hanging on the door and a little sign that tells people to blow it if they need something. We are in remote BC Canada and I’m fascinated by the lives of these people who live in Sullivan Bay. I wish I could stay longer – maybe even tee off, but the bears are calling and the little village is in shut down mode for the season. All I have time for area a few pictures to capture it’s lonely beauty.

Great Bear Rain Forest

Join me live on a Google hangout about the Great Bear Rainforest – ask any questions!

Sullivan Bay airport

Airport waiting area. Float plans service the area. This could be the coolest airport I’ve ever seen.

gasoline sullivan bay

Old gas can by the dock

par 1

Par 1 golf hole…you have to entertain yourself somehow in this little community. However I bet you loose a lot of golf balls!

Sullivan Bay BC Canada

‘Downtown’ Sullivan Bay

air horn

Need to get someone’s attention in Sullivan Bay – just blow the air horn.

Fiords sullivan bay

Fiords leading into Sullivan Bay


Fill’er up!

white picket fence

White picket fence

Sullivan Bay British Columbia

The floating community of Sullivan Bay


Disclosure:  I was a guest of Destination BC on this 4 day trip.  However all of the opinions expressed here are my own. 

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