Patagonia Adventure

Patagonia is a part of the world that is meant to seen in a super wide perspective.  I spent a month in Patagonia and not a day went by where I didn’t stop, look around me and think “This is perfect”.  I felt like the sky and clouds could swallow me – I felt small.  I felt pure.  I felt remote.  It was a pleasure each day to experience this unplugged environment.  Whether it was raining, blowing, or snowing – it still was beautiful to me. I was able to experience all of this moody weather in Torres Del Paine, El Chalten, Glacier National Park, Cape Horn, and in the Fjords of Chile.

“It was 7AM, we all waiting in the lounge with our orange life jackets on, bundled in our warmest clothing listening for the announcement from the captain. The ship swayed back and forth as each of us looked around the room anxiously. It was a nervous excitement – after all early this morning we were supposed to land on Cape Horn – the famous island which had caused sailors a history of trouble.”

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