Dhal Bhat Days

The story of volunteering in a remote mountain village in Nepal. Read the story of adventure of culture shock, teaching, living above a buffalo barn, removing leaches, peeing with a giant spider, and meeting some of the best people in the world.

“It rained last night like I’ve never experienced before in my life. I now understand the meaning of Monsoon season. Sure, maybe it was amplified in my mind as it sounds worse when you are sleeping under a tin roof; it echoed through my little barn room as if someone was dumping gravel from above. At one point I did actually consider that the whole mountain might float away. It was better to think of that rather than the huge spider that I saw above my bed before I fell asleep.”

Posts In This Series:

I prefer window

Posted by on October 8, 2008

Dhal Bhat Days – Vol 11 9/11/08 I thought I would be more excited about leaving Puma considering my living conditions for the last two weeks, but surprisingly, I wasn’t. In fact, it was a bittersweet. I was excited to get to some sort of civilization (yet I had started to question if civilization actually […]

Kathmandu – Second Time’s A Charm

Posted by on October 11, 2008

Dhal Bhat Days – Vol 12 9/13/08 For all Kathmandu Photography – click here!  (opens new window) For all Kathmandu snapshots- click here! (opens new window) After a refreshing, civilized stay in Pokhara for two nights, I arrived back in Kathmandu with a new outlook; it was no longer scary. I was reminded again of […]

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