Week In-Stagram Review In the Pyrenees

May 8, 2015 3 Comments »

This week I found myself back in one of my favorite places in the world.  A place where when I tell people to go there for their next trip, they cock their head, look at me confused, and ask “Where is that?”.  And that is exactly why I love it so much – people know very little about Costa Brava.  However this week I went beyond the rocky pristine coast in Catalonia and headed deep into the Pryenees mountains. Here you’ll find medieval towns, gorgeous green landscapes, artisanal food, and incredibly nice people who are excited, yet humbly tell you about their culture and region.

The Pyrenees in Catalonia are made up of 3 regions (Garrotxa, Ripolles, Cerdanya) and I’ve been spending time getting to know each one this week.  You will hear me gush much more about this magical place in the future, but for now I will simply tease and tempt you with my Instagram pics from the week.  You’ll get a small dose of the food, hiking, adventures, and landscapes of the Pyrenees in Catalonia Spain!


pyrenees spain hot air balloon

Up, up, and away in a morning balloon ride above the Pyrenees!

Pyrenees Spain

My dinner view tonight at Mas Garganta. #inPyrenees

Pyrenees Spain

Hiking in the Pyrenees – now this is what this gorgeous mountains are meant for!

Pyrenees spain toast

Toasting the end of a delicious long lunch. Traditionally lunches in the Costa Brava region are the biggest meal of the day. Our lunch with Chef Pep Nogue lasted nearly 3 hours with about 12 different dishes and an equal amount of bottles of wine!

Pyrenees Spain

Did a nice 12k cycle through Fageda Jorda today.. Green never looked so good!

Pyrenees spain hot air balloon

Morning views in #Garrotxa with @voldecoloms

chocolate spain

Chocolate truffles before lunch. I love eating dessert first! @canjeroni

Pyrenees Spain

Spring is here in the Pyrenees! The last snow is going and the flowers are coming!

Pyrenees Spain

Looking for shade in the village of Beget in #Garrotxa .

pyrenees spain

All bridges are not created equal. This one is in Camprodon is a beauty. #inPyrenees

What is Week In-Stagram Review?

Each week brings some new scenery and location for me – that’s just the way I like it. If you want to follow where I am real time – then on Friday I will post some of my Instagram photos from the current week. Some weeks I may be traveling somewhere exotic, and some weeks it may be less interesting – but it will give you a peek into my life of perpetual motion.



Disclosure: I was a guest of Costa Brava/Pyrenees tourism this week, however all opinions here are my own.

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