Photo of the Week – Tea Plantations Sri Lanka

May 13, 2011 4 Comments »

tea leaves

Tea plants go on as far as the eye can see...

Sri Lanka is not only known for it’s turquoise waters and beaches, it’s also know for it’s green, rolling hills.  Those hills are filled with row after row of tea plants and dotted with workers picking the leaves.  I didn’t actually go to a tea plantation for a formal tour, but instead I captured the tea culture through photography as we traversed Hill Country in Sri Lanka.  This is what I found…

tea plantation workers

Women pick the tea and then have it weighed and get paid by how much they pick.

tea plantation worker

A worker dumps her basket and goes back into the fields

tea plantation sri lanka

A fog blankets the plantation

tea plantation workers

Women stuff the bags with leaves to be transported by the men.

tea plantation worker

Women are the primary workers at the plantations




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