Photo of the Week – Manhattanhenge

June 4, 2010 12 Comments »

Apocalypse Now on 34th St – New York City

Two times a year the Sun God works it’s magic on Manhattan in a spectacle called Manhattanhenge.  The rare occurance when the sun sets in exact alignment with the grid of streets in Manhattan.  This 15 minutes of illumination on the cross streets of New York City provides an Apocalypse Now feeling with people shading there eyes, armed with their camera standing in the middle of 34th street trying to get the perfect photo.  Last weekend, I was one of them trying to get the perfect sunset picture of the Empire State Building.

If you missed it, you’re in luck; the next Manhattenhenge is July 12th.  Get that camera ready and grab some sunglasses!

You can read more on the spectacle of Manhattanhenge on Hayden Planetarium’s website.

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